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Qatar Just Beat the UAE 4-0 in a Match None of its Citizens Could Attend.

Ouch. The Qatari football team just beat the UAE 4-0 in a football match in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. This comes against mounting tension following the blockade of Qatar by GCC member states and allies, as well as Doha's controversial hosting of the World Cup in 2022.

This one was always going to be special. In Doha restaurants were full as the city waited to watch the match. Viewers included expats and Qataris alike, it seems.

Incredible football match between Qatar and UAE in the UAE

3-0 Qatar wins

In Doha it feels like the World Cup is on. Big screens, people cheering.

This is a fascinating story under the current political circumstances #aeU[cedilla]U_U*aaU*aaU*UU*U[logical not]

-- Dima Khatib UuaaU* U[macron]aeaaU[umlaut] (@Dima_Khatib) January 29, 2019

In #Qatar the 4 - 0 triumph over #UAE in #AsianCup2019 semis is celebrated as an act of defiance and has caused a massive boost through rallying around the flag - here Qatari conscripts taking a break from exercise

-- Dr Andreas Krieg (@andreas_krieg) January 29, 2019

After losing the game, individuals in the stadium threw shoes at the Qatari players, in what is deemed a traditional and extremely offensive gesture across the Middle East.

#Flying shoes during #QatarUAE soccer game:

-- Tavah (@Tahvakol) January 29, 2019

That said, they didn't seem too phased. As things stand, Qatar is on track to host the games in 2022. Blockade or no blockade.

#QatarUAE celebration [yen]n[sup.1]A[yen]n[sup.1]A[yen]n[sup.1]A

-- JunaikJunaidk (@junaikjunaidk) January 29, 2019

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Date:Jan 30, 2019
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