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Qantas says no decision made about A3XX.


Qantas, an Australian carrier, has rejected claims that it has made a decision about whether or not to purchase Airbus Industries' A3XX 550-seat superjumbo jet aircraft.

James Strong, the CEO for Qantas, told Dow Jones News that the company has been looking at what type of aircraft the airline may want in the future and stated that rumours about the carrier being on the brink of signing with the European aircraft manufacturer were a result of misreporting. According to Strong 'There is no deadline. There are no set dates. There are no letters of intent with anyone.'

It had been reported that Qantas would make a decision about the A3XX at its board meeting on 21 June, with the airline under increasing pressure to modernise its fleet following several incidents such as a collapsing undercarriage and a cracked cockpit window.

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
Date:Jun 15, 2000
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