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"He thought they were lobsters."

Detective Jeff Megin of the Connecticut State Police, explaining why a man snatched a foam cooler that contained two human corneas on ice from a transplant bank.

"Something obviously went wrong. "

A bare-bones statement from Robert Page, general counsel of the American Association for Nude Recreation. Seven nudists at the association's convention in San Diego charred their feet by walking over hot coals, one of many activities meant to keep them entertained.

"This strikes at the heart of the needlepoint industry."

Jo Weiss of the International Needleart Retailers Guild, miffed at needlepoint hobbyists turned Internet pirates who swap copyrighted needlework patterns for free over the Web. Needlework shop sales have suffered a blow, and the guild is considering filing suit.

"He kind of stuck out."

Police Lieutenant Tony Kaman, on an inmate who escaped custody and stripped off his black-and-white-striped jail uniform in hopes of appearing inconspicuous. It didn't work.

"What's left over will go to student loans, I'm sure."

Atlanta lawyer Tad Carithers, figuring the IRS and financial lenders will benefit most from the greenbacks he won as five-time champ of the TV game show Jeopardy!

"When you're older, you're bolder."

The wife of Newport Beach, California, attorney Ben Roll. Roll appeared with his lawyer-son on the TV game show Wheel of Fortune and made the gutsy move of asking the show's co-host, Vanna White, for a hug. He wasn't turned down.
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Date:Nov 1, 2000
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