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"I think it's just silly."

Lawrence Berndt, a Roanoke, Virginia, resident, rolling his eyes at the city's decision to press charges against an 11-year-old girl and two 12-year-old boys who wrote their names in wet cement. A juvenile and domestic relations court judge will decide by next autumn if they should be punished for defacing sidewalks.

"It will be the first jail in Southern Living."

Former Lexington, Kentucky, Vice Mayor Teresa Isaac, considering prospects for Fayette County's new jail, which was designed to blend in with the surrounding scenic horse farms. Brick facing, turret cupolas, and low stone walls are among the detention center's features.

"I've gotten some strange looks."

Barbara Tate, a student at Detroit College of Law, shrugging off classmates' quizzical glances. Tare, who sits in class beside her peer and daughter, Lisa Jackson, celebrates Jackson's answering questions correctly in class by giving her a smooch.

"I didn't want to exclude anyone."

Joshua Smith, economic development director of Waukee, Iowa. Smith's pet project of late was making sure that the town's residents know that the new community center can legally hold up to 100 people and as many seeing-eye dogs and nanny goats as needed. The exception for goats was made after Smith learned from a TV documentary that goats are just as qualified as dogs to guide people who are blind.

"We don't need to read the book. We can write it."

Eighty-two-year-old Mollie Levy of Delray Beach, Florida, who--along with her 90-year-old betrothed--received a copy of a book that offers newlyweds tips on good parenting when they applied for their marriage license. The two-for-one deal is required by Florida's Marriage Preparation and Preservation Act.

"I don't know what we'll do."

Distraught Police Chief Boone Walters of Branchville, South Carolina. Someone made off with the department's McGruff the Crime Dog costume, and police have no clues as to the crime-fighting mascot's whereabouts.
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Date:Jan 1, 2000
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