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Byline: Mike Harris

1. Complete the names of the famous Tottenham Hotspur team who, memorably, achieved the League & Cup double in 1961. Les A, Peter B, Danny B, Bill B, Terry D, Ron H, Cliff J, Dave M, Maurice N, Bobby S and John W (taken from an official club photograph) 2. Identify the magazines involved in this circulation competition during 2008: i) Prince William & Kate Middleton v Britney Spears, ii) Prince Harry v Victoria & David Beckham, iii) Cheryl & Ashley Cole v Charlotte Church & Gavin Henson and, iv) Wayne Rooney & Coleen McLoughlin v Jordan & Peter Andre. 3. Establish three basic reasons why insects, as a part of a living chain, have been so phenomenally successful at adapting to the conditions in which they exist.

4. Name the secret super-powered alter egos of these marvellous comic characters: i) Peter Parker, ii) Tony Stark, iii) Matt Murdock.

QUIZOPEDIA ANSWERS Mike Harris 5. Who has been the Bahamas' most important VIP during the last 500+ years? 6. What, according to the scientific section of the e-encyclopedia, is a wormhole? 7. Name the supremely pragmatic football manager who once said: "If you're in the penalty area and aren't sure what to do with the ball, just stick it in the net and we'll discuss your options later."

8. Identify the English/British kings/queens who died in 1087, 1485, 1649, 1820, 1901 and 1952. 9. What does filleted salmon become after being marinated in salt, sugar and dill? 10. Name the Principality Premiership rugby union teams that play at these grounds: i) Bridge Field (The), ii) Church Bank Playing Fields, iii) Eugene Cross Park, iv) Gnoll (The), v) Memorial Ground, vi) Pandy Park, vii) Sardis Road, & viii) Talbot Athletic Ground. 6. A wormhole, or tunnel, can theoretically link two distant parts of the universe via space and time. It might work as a time machine. By making a return journey through the tunnel, the traveller could arrive home before he or she had left. After all, Einstein has shown that time is relative. 7. The manager was Bill Shankly (1913-1981), the supreme realist. He transformed his Liverpool from an average club to a great one in 15 years, winning three First Divisions, two FA Cups and a UEFA title. 8. The monarchs who died during these years were William I (1066-1087); Richard III (1483-1485); Charles I (1625-1649); George III (1760-1820); Victoria (1837-1901); and George VI (1936-1952). 9. Gravalax/Gravlax/Gravadlax. Take your dictionary pick. 10. The clubs in question order and capacity are Bedwas (capacity not given), Llandovery (5,000), Ebbw Vale (8,000), Neath (7,500), Glamorgan Wanderers (capacity not given), Cross Keys (3,000), Pontypridd (7,861) & Aberavon (3,000).

5. The question refers to Christopher Columbus (1451-1505) who landed at San Salvador (or Rum Cay) on October 12, 1492. It was he who, literally, put the Bahamas, as well as many other Caribbean islands, on the map.

3. The reasons for insects' prodigious success is, i) their sheer variety, ii) there is practically nowhere on land they cannot live, and, iii) there is almost nothing they cannot eat. 4. The super-powered characters are i) Spider-Man, ii) Iron Man and iii) Daredevil.

The most frequent appearances are by i) Jordan (7); ii) Coleen McLoughlin (6); iii) Victoria Beckham (6); iv) Angelina Jolie (4); v) Cheryl Cole (3) & vi) Autumn Kelly (3).

2. The weekly contests are between the two heavyweight glamour glossies, Hello! and OK!.

Compiled by Mike Harris 1. The completed names of the star Tottenham Hotspur side are, Les Allen, Peter Baker, Danny Blanchflower, Bill Brown, Terry Dyson, Ron Henry, Cliff Jones, Dave Mackay, Maurice Norman, Bobby Smith and John White.

Quizopedia is influenced by two quotations. "All knowledge is of itself of some value" (Dr Johnson) and, "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." (Anon.)
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 21, 2009
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