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Byline: Mike Harris

1 Name the first billionaire author.

2 Identify the first names of President and Mrs Obama's two children.

3 Complete this ecstatic response to some unique and welcome news in the form of a newspaper headline. "WG GRACE, DON BRADMAN, SHANE WARNE ... AND --" and who is "speaking" here? 4 The following are the initials of five famous Welsh singers. Who are they? SB, D, KJ, CM & MP.

5 Which fictional character speaking directly to her audience in the novel, said: "Reader, I married him." 6 Of what is the following an inebriated parody? "Starkle, starkle, little twink,/Who the hell you are, I think/I'm not under the affluence of incohol, /Like some tinkle peep I are." 7 Of which post-war US presidents were these their First Lady's first names? Bess, Eleanor, Jacqueline, Lady Bird and Mamie.

8 What are the female counterparts to these male animals: donkey, cattle, deer, dog, fox, goat, horse, kangaroo, lion, pig and ram.

9 "Before THAT, there was nothing - no matter, no space and no time." What does THAT refer to? 10 Identify these famous women from the following clues: i) 1910-80/Austrian-born/naturalist & author/ celebrated for Born Free ii) 1934- /French/ actress, singer, model/animal rights activist/first husband, Roger Vadim iii) 1923-77/Greek/ soprano/called Bible of Opera iv) 1815-42/ English/celebrated 1838 rescuer of seamen in North Sea storm v) 1897-1937/American/first aviatrix to fly Atlantic solo/ awarded DFC/ disappeared over Pacific vi) 1915-96/ American/ brilliant jazz singer/First Lady of Song vii) 1917-84/Indian/ PM 1966-77/ assassinated by own guards, viii) 1765-1815/ English/model and prostitute/ mistress of Nelson/died in poverty ix) 1880-1968 /American /first deaf-blind person to get BA degree/longtime leftwing political activist, x) 1853-1929/Channel Islands/ stage actress/ mistress of Edward VII and other titled men/became US citizen/died at Monaco.

1 JK Rowling (1965- ) is reputed to be the first billionaire author, although in 2008, the Sunday Times estimated her financial worth to be approximately pounds 560m. She is however a noted philanthropist and supports Comic Relief, One Parent Families, and The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain.

2 President & Mrs Obama's children are Malia Ann and Natasha, born in 1998 and 2001 respectively.

3 "ME!!" completed the dramatic response and it came from Claire Taylor who has recently been selected as one of Wisden's 2009 High Five. She made her England debut in 1998 and averages over 40 in both Tests and ODIs. She is thus ranked the No 1 batsman in the world.

4 The Welsh singers are i) Shirley Bassey (1937- ) ii) Duffy(1984- ) iii) Katherine Jenkins (1980- ) iv) Cerys Matthews (1969- ) and v) Margaret Price (1941- ).

5 The fictional character is Jane Eyre in the novel of that name, written by Charlotte Bront (1816-55) and published in 1847.

6 The original was: "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, /How I wonder where you are/Up above the world so high,/Like a diamond in the sky." This nursery rhyme combines a 1761 French melody together with Jane Taylor's 1809 poem, The Star.

7 The presidential husbands together with their First Ladies are: i) Harry and Bess Truman (1884-1972/1885-1982) ii) Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt (1882-1945/1884-1962) iii) Jack & Jacqueline Kennedy (1917-63/1929-94) iv) Lyndon & Lady Bird Johnson (1908-73/1912-2007) v) Dwight & Mamie Eisenhower(1890-1969/1896-1979.) 8 The female counterparts are: jenny, cow, doe, bitch, vixen, nanny, mare, blue flyer, lioness, sow & ewe.

9 The Big Bang which occurred around 14 billion years ago.

10 The famous women are, Joy Adamson, Brigitte Bardot, Maria Callas, Grace Darling, Amelia Earhart, Ella Fitzgerald, Indira Gandhi, Emma Hamilton, Helen Keller & Lily Langtry.

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 16, 2009
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