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QUIZ 1. Which 2017 BBC2 drama starred Daniel Mays as journalist Peter Wildeblood, who was tried for homosexual offences in 1954? 2. On which mountain in South Dakota are giant portrait heads of four US presidents carved? 3. On which planet was Superman born? 4. In which continent is the Ivory Coast? Which US president succeeded Lyndon B Johnson in 1968? 6. What is the name of the UK prime minister's country home? 7. What is the second largest of the Channel Islands? 8. The name of which style of preparing and presenting food means 'new cooking' in French? 9. What is the capital of Finland? 10. Who created the characters Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple? SOLUTIONS thing.

thine, thin, then, their, than, tanh, right, night, nigh, neigh, neath, lithe, lighter, lighten, light, length, lather, lathe, lath, inhaler, inhale, ingather, hire, hint, hinge, hilt, hernia, heir, heating, heat, heart, hearing, hear, healing, heal, hating, hater, hate, hart, hare, hanger, hang, halting, halter, halt, halite, haler, hale, hair, hail, girth, gather, eight, earth, aright, anther, alright, alight, EARTHLING Wordsquare: C.

26= O, 25= Z, 24= N, 23= D, 22= A, 21= E, 20= K, 19= X, 18= H, 17= Y, 16= J, 15= M, 14= I, 13= U, 12= G, 11= S, 10= V, 9= T, 8= Q, 7= L, 6= P, 5= R, 4= F, 3= W, 2= B, 1= Codeword: Christie.

Agatha 10 Helsinki; 9 cuisine; Nouvelle 8 Guernsey; 7 Chequers; 6 Nixon; Richard 5 Africa; 4 Krypton; 3 Rushmore; Mount 2 Law; the Against 1 Quiz: beef.

of cuts all -Topside Sirloin, Brisket, S.

is mark question the by represented letter The Circlegram: Poultry.

Keyword: Haul.

16 Etch; 15 Kite; 14 Nook; 13 Even; 12 Rude; 11 Star; 10 Toss; 9 Pant; 8 Step; 7 Eyes; 6 Role; 5 Year; 4 Stay; 3 Hits; 2 Bath; 1 Spiral: Word


Q1 - Daniel Mays

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 29, 2017
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