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6. Of which country was Eamon De Valera president from 1959 to 1973? For which film did Sandra Bullock win the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in 2010? 7. What is the largest lake in the British Isles? Which US novelist wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? Q1 - Sandra Bullock 8. What sort of creature is a water boatman? 9. Which British novelist wrote The Scarlet Pimpernel? 10. Of which Asian country is Kuala Lumpur the capital? Which member of the Beatles went on to form the band Wings? How is the Italian city of Napoli known in English? 5. Which British novelist wrote Brideshead Revisited? SOLUTIONS Malaysia.

10 Orczy; Baroness 9 insect; An 8 Neagh; Lough 7 Ireland; 6 uses.

unless, Waugh; Evelyn 5 Naples; 4 McCartney; uncoil, uncle, suns, sues, souse, soul, Paul 3 Kesey; Ken 2 Side; Blind The 1 sluices, sluice, sinus, ounce, onus, Quiz: nous, louses, louse, locus, lieu, issue, incus, elusion, cuss, cues, cousin, Somerset.

in towns all -Clevedon counsels, counsel, consul, coleus, Minehead, Radstock, D.

is mark clues, clue, census, SECLUSION question the by represented letter The Wordsquare: Circlegram: Shotgun.

Keyword: S.

26= B, 25= Scot.

16 Ages; 15 Etna; 14 N, 24= Y, 23= P, 22= J, 21= H, 20= Q, 19= Ache; 13 Diva; 12 Used; 11 Beau; 10 V, 18= U, 17= W, 16= D, 15= X, 14= Glib; 9 Smug; 8 Odds; 7 Ludo; 6 C, 13= L, 12= Z, 11= R, 10= T, 9= I, 8= Evil; 5 Nice; 4 Swan; 3 Ants; 2 Asia; 1 O, 7= A, 6= F, 5= G, 4= M, 3= K, 2= E, 1= Spiral: Word Codeword:

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 25, 2017
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