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Which Canadian actor made his directorial debut with the film Lost River, starring Christina Hendricks and Saoirse Ronan? According to Greek legend a centaur was a cross between a human and which other animal? What was a pennyfarthing? What sort of creature is a whydah? 5. Which act established the Hanoverian succession to the English throne? 6. Which Spanish city is the capital of Catalonia? 7. In which royal fortress on the Thames were Lady Jane Grey and Anne Boleyn imprisoned? 8. Which English political philosopher wrote Leviathan? 9. What is the boiling point of water in degrees Celsius? 10. Which brittle metal is represented by the symbol Bi? SOLUTIONS Word Spiral: 1 Agog; 2 Gush; 3 Hock; 4 Keys; 5 6 Idea; 7 Ankh; 8 High; 9 Holt; 10 11 Char; 12 Rear; 13 Road; 14 Dumb; 15 Boar; 16 Rudd. Keyword: Haddock. Circlegram: The letter represented by the question mark is R. Branning, Butcher, Trueman - all long-running EastEnders families. Quiz: 1 Ryan Gosling; 2 Horse; 3 A bicycle; 4 A bird; 5 The Act of Settlement 1701; 6 Barcelona; 7 The Tower of London; 8 Thomas Hobbes; 9 One hundred degrees; 10 Bismuth.

Sari; Talc; 1=S, 2=M, 3=V, 4=K, 5=J, 6=W, 7=P, 8=R, 9=O, 10=A, 11=Y, 12=X, 13=Z, 14=U, 15=H, 16=D, 17=T, 18=G, 19=C, 20=L, 21=F, 22=I, 23=E, 24=N, 25=B, 26=Q. Wordsquare: PREDICTED cede, ceded, ceder, cider, cite, cited, credit, credited, creed, creep, crepe, crept, cried, deceit, decide, decider, decrepit, decried, depict, depicted, dice, diced, direct, directed, edict, epic, erect, iced, piece, pieced, pierce, pierced, predict, price, priced, receipt, recipe, recite, recited, rice, terce, trice.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 8, 2017
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