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Professor Brian Cox is a lecturer in Particle Physics at which English university? With which French king were Mme de Pompadour and Mme Du Barry associated? On which river does the city of Nottingham stand? 6. What sort of creature is a gurnard? 7. In which organ can the pineal gland be found? 8. Who was president of the USA from 1933 to 1945? 9. The Isle of Sheppey is situated off the coast of which English county? 10. Of which Canadian province is Halifax the capital? Q1 - Brian Cox 5. Which legendary creature is a beautiful woman above the waist and a fish below? Which US actor starred in the films The Graduate and Kramer vs Kramer? SOLUTIONS brain; The 7 fish; A6 Mermaid; 5 until.

unlit, unit, ultimo, Hoffman; Dustin 4 Trent; River 3 XV; tulip, topi, toil, point, poilu, piton, pion, Louis 2 Manchester; of University 1 pinto, pint, pilot, opium, omit, moil, mint, milt, lupin, loin, lion, lint, lino, Quiz: limp, limn, into, input, PLUTONIUM tools.

garden all -Wordsquare: chipper strimmer, Chainsaw, I.

is mark question the by represented letter The F.

26= G, 25= J, 24= H, 23= Z, 22= T, 21= U, 20= Circlegram: B, 19= S, 18= Y, 17= C, 16= L, 15= D, 14= Meerkat.

Keyword: K, 13= X, 12= I, 11= N, 10= M, 9= P, 8= Pier.

16 Skip; 15 Wars; 14 Stew; 13 E, 7= W, 6= R, 5= O, 4= A, 3= Q, 2= V, 1= Dues; 12 Avid; 11 Ulna; 10 Tutu; 9 Codeword: Mist; 8 Roam; 7 Tsar; 6 Lift; 5 Teal; 4 Gift; 3 Brag; 2 Club; 1 Scotia.

Nova 10 Kent; 9 Roosevelt; D.

Franklin 8 Spiral: Word

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 5, 2017
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