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1. Who became Archbishop of Westminster in 1976? 2. Which country's cuisine includes the meatballs, herbs and onions dish keftedes? 3. Which two metals make 'soft solder'? 4. Which area of central London is thought to have taken its name from an old hunting cry? 5. On which scale is talc shown as 1 and diamond as 10? 6. St Olaf is the patron saint of which European country? 7. In which US state are the Olympic Mountains? 8. Sinead O'Connor scored a charttopping success in 1990 with a cover version of a song by which artist? 9. What is the condition icterus better known as? 10. What is called a zucchetto in Italy? Sinead O'Connor - see Question 8 priests.

Catholic Roman by worn skullcap A10 Jaundice; 9 Prince; 8 Washington; 7 Norway; 6 hardness; relative of scale Mohs The 5 Soho; 4 tin; and Lead 3 Greece; 2 Hume; Basil Cardinal 1 DAY: THE OF QUIZ

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 12, 2015
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