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1. In which film did Eddie Murphy star as a chemist who discovers a lifechanging elixir? 6. Which All-Ireland footballer became prime minister of Ireland in 1966? 2. Considered a delicacy, what is a lobster's tomalley? 7. What was the title of the biography written by Carol Thatcher about her father Denis? 3. What does the word 'trocken' mean on a German wine bottle label? 8. Which was the first British pop group to reach No 1 in the US charts? 4. What is the name of the nomadic race which inhabits northern Scandinavia? 9. Who was the mother of Charles II's son, the Duke of St Albans? Carol Thatcher - see Question 7 5. Which creature was known in the Middle Ages as a 'naddre'? 10. What is the nationality of tennis star Jennifer Capriati?
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 28, 2009
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