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QUIZ OF THE DAY 1. [...].

QUIZ OF THE DAY 1. Lucky Luciano was an associate of which gang leader? 6. What is the second line of the poem which starts: 'Drink to me only with thine eyes'? 2. Geoff Hurst scored a hat-trick in England's 4-2 victory in the 1966 World Cup final. Who scored the other goal? 7. What was the title of the 2003 UK No 1 single on which Kelly Osbourne sang with her father Ozzy? 3. How many miles per second does light travel (to the nearest thousand)? 8. What are the horizontal rows on a chessboard called? 4. In which artistic field was Hieronymus Bosch famous? 9. Which is the only type of bird to be able to fly backwards? 5. What is said to have been washed up and left high and dry on Mount Ararat? Kelly Osbourne - see Question 7 10. Whose first husband was Nicky Hilton (of Hilton Hotels fame)?
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 17, 2011
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