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1. By what name was the Second World War propagandist William Joyce better known? 2. In which geological time period did the dinosaurs flourish? 3. On which continent is the region known as the Skeleton Coast? 4. What name is given to a chemical which changes the speed of a reaction while being unaffected itself? 5. To which earldom is Viscount Linley the heir? ANSWERS 12.10.11 QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 Lord Haw-Haw; 2 The Jurassic period; 3 Africa; 4 A catalyst; 5 Snowdon. NONAGRAM: acid; acted; cadet; cadge; cadi; cage; caged; ceil; celt; citadel; cite; cited; clad; cleat; cleg; dace; decal; delict; deltaic; dialect; dice; clat; edict; glac; glaciate; GLACIATED; iced; lace; laced; laic; talc.

EQUALISER (clockwise from top left): subtract; multiply; divide; add. Total: 2. WORD PYRAMID: Ingrown toenails. MAGIC SQUARE: hide; idol; does; else.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 12, 2011
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