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 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Quickturn Design Systems Inc. and Cadence Design Systems Inc. (NYSE: CDN) announced today they have forged a new relationship. The purpose of the new Reference Marketing Agreement is threefold:
 1) to provide the extensive installed base of Verilog-XL digital logic simulation users a stronger and more efficient connection to Quickturn's emulation systems
 2) to jointly develop an efficient path from higher levels of design abstraction to silicon through Cadence's Synergy family of design synthesis tools
 3) to increase cooperation among the companies' sales forces
 Simultaneously, Quickturn announced Phase III of the Verilog-XL Co-Simulation Interface. This product enables Quickturn's system and IC emulation systems to substitute for gate level simulation models in a mixed level Verilog-XL simulation. The emulation system runs and displays results in the Verilog-XL simulation environment. This product emulates multiple logic blocks simultaneously within a Verilog-XL simulation. And, by supporting several of Quickturn's rapid vector evaluators, the width of vectors that can be driven through the emulator is greatly increased. "This agreement is in direct response to the needs of our mutual customers," said Tony Zingale, vice president and general manager of Cadence's HDL design group. "Emulation is increasingly part of the solution for managing gate explosion in IC and systems design. Working together we can provide an integrated top-down design methodology that encompasses Verilog-based simulation and synthesis and Quickturn's emulation for rapid prototyping and system- level verification."
 "We have chosen to work with Cadence because of its technology and market leadership," said Ralph Zak, Quickturn's vice president of business development and communications. "By providing a high performance verification solution to Verilog-XL users, we are leveraging Cadence's momentum in the ASIC design market. Also, we hope to advance integration between our products and plan to support Cadence's Synergy synthesis tools with an optimized link in the future."
 Cadence Background
 One of the 10 largest software companies in the world, Cadence Design Systems Inc. is the worldwide leader in the development and marketing of design automation software and services that accelerate and advance the process of designing electronic systems. Cadence combines leading-edge technology with a complementary set of services that enable customers to improve the quality and time-to-market performance of innovative electronic products. Cadence is based in San Jose, Calif., and employs over 2,400 people in more than 60 R&D, sales and support locations worldwide. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CDN.
 Quickturn Background
 Privately held Quickturn Design Systems Inc. developed the first turnkey reprogrammable emulation systems for IC and system design, and leads the market for reprogrammable systems and software. Quickturn's emulation products are used to verify designs of systems that use ASICs and fully customized chips prior to manufacturing. By significantly reducing project risk, lowing development costs and dramatically shortening time-to-market, Quickturn's emulation technology is becoming increasingly important to the electronic design process.
 Quickturn's headquarters are located at 440 Clyde Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043. Telephone, 415-967-330. Sales offices are located throughout the United States and Europe; sales in Japan are handled through a local distributor.
 NOTE: Verilog-XL is a trademark of Cadence Design Systems Inc. Quickturn, Enterprise Emulation System, are trademarks of Quickturn Design Systems Inc. All company names are trademarks of their respective owners.
 -0- 9/27/93
 /Contact: Nanette M. Sisk, marketing communications manager of Quickturn Design Systems, 415-694-6535; or Marla Kertzman, account manager of Wilson McHenry Co., 415-592-7600, for Quickturn Design Systems; or Michael Sottak, marketing communications manager of Cadence Design Systems, 408-428-5036; or Toni Guisti, account executive of Cunningham Communications, 408-764-0737, for Cadence Design Systems/

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