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Maximizes Available Memory and Increases System Performance
 for All PC Systems

MARINA DEL REY, Calif., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Quarterdeck Corporation (Nasdaq: QDEK) plans to begin shipping QEMM 8 next week, the latest version of the company's flagship memory management product that includes new memory and reporting utilities for Windows 95, Windows 3.x and DOS, all in one package. QEMM 8 incorporates memory multiplying technology based on technology originally introduced in MagnaRAM(TM), which will help both Windows 95 and Windows 3.x users maximize their available memory for applications, as well as the Resource Manager, which allows more applications to run and multitask under Windows 3.1.

QEMM 8 includes for the first time a Windows control panel with a real-time monitor for system memory under both Windows 95 and Windows 3.x. The control panel also lets users call QEMM utilities: Manifest(R), Optimize, and QEMM Setup. All three utilities are available for Windows 95, Windows 3.x, and DOS users.

"QEMM 8 is a complete memory manager," said Alexander Eckelberry, vice president and general manager of Quarterdeck's Utilities Business Unit. "Quarterdeck has incorporated all core memory technologies into one package: system memory maximization, memory multiplying and system resource management. This is the only memory manager users will need to operate their systems more efficiently, whether they are using Windows 95, Windows 3.x, or DOS."

QEMM 8's system memory management squeezes up to 634k out of the 640k of conventional memory for Windows and DOS users. With the Stealth and the new FreeMeg features, system ROM data, normally loaded into the first megabyte of conventional memory, and Windows applications and their data are loaded into extended memory, freeing up more conventional memory for Windows and DOS applications.

Major features of QEMM 8 include:

-- Memory Multiplying: compresses both physical and virtual memory in Windows 3.x and Windows 95 to provide maximum available Windows memory.

-- Resource Manager: manages the capabilities of the GDI (Graphic Display Interface) and User resources under Windows 3.1, allowing the user to open more applications and multitask without running out of memory.

-- System Memory Management and FreeMeg: Stealth system memory management gives users extra high memory by moving system, video, and other ROM functions out of the first megabyte of memory. FreeMeg stops Window programs and their data from eating up precious conventional memory by loading them into extended memory.

-- Manifest: Quarterdeck's award-winning system reporting and diagnostic utility now comes in a single version that has the same interface for both DOS and Windows. It provides reports on such items as hardware IRQs and PCMCIA card status. Under Windows 95 or Windows 3.x, Manifest gives detailed reports on memory usage by the operating system itself and by the programs running under it.

System requirements include an Intel-based PC running Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, or Windows 95; with 4.5 megabytes of available hard disk space. PCs running Windows 95 or Windows 3.x require at least 4 MB of RAM. Systems running DOS require at least 1.25 MB of RAM. QEMM 8.0 supports PC or MS DOS 3.3 and above, DR DOS 6 and Novell DOS 7. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

The anticipated street price of QEMM 8 is $69.95. Registered users of QEMM 7.x or earlier are entitled to an upgrade for $29.95, plus postage and handling. Customers may order QEMM 8 immediately by calling 800-683-6696. Additional information is available on Quarterdeck's World Wide Web site (, or through Quarterdeck's CompuServe Forum (GO QUARTERDECK).

About Quarterdeck

Quarterdeck Corporation is a pioneer in the development of software products in three strategic business areas: utilities, remote computing and the Internet. The company has led the industry in bringing utilities solutions to the Windows and DOS environments with its award winning QEMM(R).

The company also recently shipped three Windows 95 products: MagnaRam(TM) 2, Cleansweep(TM) 95, and WinProbe(TM) 4. The company also offers an entire line of powerful, next-generation Internet tools for corporate, small business and individual users called Quarterdeck Mosaic, InternetSuite(TM), WebServer(TM), WebAuthor(TM), Quarterdeck IWare Connect(TM), and IWare InternetSuite(TM) for Novell Netware. The company's diverse customer base includes government, educational, corporate, small business and individual users. Dublin, Ireland serves as its European headquarters, with offices in England, France, Germany and Australia.

Quarterdeck Corporation's address is 13160 Mindanao Way, 3rd Floor, Marina del Rey, CA 90292. Further product availability and pricing information can be obtained by calling 310-309-3700, by accessing Quarterdeck's Internet Web site at, or by sending a mail request to

Quarterdeck, Manifest, DESQview, and QEMM are registered trademarks and CleanSweep, GameRunner, MagnaRAM, WinProbe, Quarterdeck Mosaic, InternetSuite, WebServer, and WebAuthor are trademarks of Quarterdeck Corporation. All other trademarks and tradenames, registered trademarks and registered tradenames, are the property of their respective holders.
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