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QS/1 improves Voice Response.

QS/1 Data Systems is adding enhancements to its integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. It is designed to work with the company's version 17.8, an application release for pharmacy management software systems RxCare Plus, PrimeCare and CRx.QS/1's IVR. The enhancements aim to provide added convenience for pharmacy customers and save pharmacists hours each day, which will increase productivity and give them more time to provide service to their customers.

QS/1's integrated IVR provides advanced security features that aim to protect against refill fraud or mistyped prescription number errors. The system will validate the prescription number along with a choice of the first three digits of the customer's last name, birth date or telephone number. Once the customer calls the QS/1 IVR to request a refill, the IVR system can prompt the customer to enter one of the choices above. The IVR will compare and validate the prescription number and one of the personal items to enhance security and reduce fraud.

With release 17.8, QS/1's IVR system will include automatic or manual faxing capabilities for additional refill requests to the prescribing physician, thus eliminating calls to the physician. In addition, QS/1's pharmacy management system will automatically queue fax requests for the pharmacist's review. Once the additional refill request has been filled by the pharmacist, the faxed prescription is removed from the fax queue, providing an effective management tool for tracking additional refill requests.

QS/1's IVR system provides automated service to physicians and pharmacy customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system has the ability to support any size pharmacy. By using the system, refills are automatically routed to a processing queue, which can be accessed from any QS/1 workstation. QS/1's IVR system balances the pharmacist's workload by scheduling prescription filling at various intervals throughout the day, which can improve workflow management. In addition, using QS/1's IVR system will reduce phone interruptions, allowing pharmacists to focus attention on other valuable services.

"Compared to other automated services, QS/1's IVR offers the most benefits for your dollar. In addition, QS/1's IVR expands store hours, improves workflow, reduces customer wait time and provides a better working environment for the pharmacy staff," says Chuck Gordon, QS/1 industry analyst.
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Title Annotation:Nonfoods News
Author:Mendelson, Seth
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Apr 1, 2004
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