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QRS Catalog Reaches 50,000,000 U.P.C.s

RICHMOND, Calif., April 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The QRS Catalog, the world's largest retail industry U.P.C. database, has surpassed the 50 million U.P.C. milestone. The GSA Group, a manufacturer of women's apparel based in New York, loaded the 50 millionth product. The GSA Group joined QRS (Nasdaq: QRSI) in December, 1996 and currently has several major retailers as trading partners including Dillard Department Stores, Federated Department Stores and Parisian. They have approximately 15,000 different U.P.C. codes available for their trading partners.

"Earlier this year, we were contacted by QRS to participate in a vendor education conference being held in Atlantic City," said Howard Rock, System Administrator for the GSA Group. "Being so new to the world of Electronic Commerce technologies, I decided to attend to meet my participating trading partner representatives and learn the ins and outs of EDI and U.P.C catalogs. I found the information presented was extremely helpful," said Rock. "For example, I found that the QRS Catalog provides benefits to both the GSA Group and our retailers. The retailers have the ability to scan our products at the point of sale. We benefit by quickly recognizing if the product is new or one from last season based on the U.P.C. since we've marked our products numerically," he added.

The QRS Catalog provides a link between retailers and their manufacturers by storing product information that can be accessed by either trading partner virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An invaluable tool, the QRS Catalog provides retailers with updated information on products available from the manufacturers. When using the QRS Catalog, there is no need for a retailer to call the manufacturer for product information; it is seconds away on their PC or terminal.

"We are very pleased with the growth in the QRS Catalog and welcome the GSA Group," said Lynn Hazlett, President and Chief Executive Officer of QRS. "The commitment from our customers within the industry to utilize QRS as their provider of U.P.C. Catalog services, has clearly helped to establish QRS as the leader in Electronic Commerce technologies."

"Having accurate product information in a centralized location, will allow us to move in the direction of a sales analysis tool in the future," said Rock. "For example, the 50 millionth product in the QRS Catalog was a size 12 Sharkskin Long Button Jacket, I'd like to be able to understand quickly how that garment is selling by retailer and by location," he said.

QRS is the leading provider of merchandise and logistics solutions throughout the entire retail demand chain. QRS works with its customers and partners to facilitate and optimize the flow of information, goods and services throughout the retail industry. The Company's products include the QRS Catalog, QRS Inventory Management Services which includes: QRS Catalyst, a sales analysis tool, QRS Replenishment and QRS Forecasting, QRS EConnect, Electronic Data Interchange and related network services, Internet services and QRS Logistics Management Systems. The Company is traded on Nasdaq under the symbol QRSI.

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Date:Apr 10, 1997
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