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QR Code wins popularity contest.

The QR Code development team from DENSO Wave and Toyota Central R&D Tabs was awarded the European Inventor Award Popular Prize at a ceremony held June 17, 2014, in Berlin, Germany.

First introduced in 1994, the Quick Response (QR) Code--that compact, two-dimensional barcode that can hold many times more information than a one-dimensional barcode and in a smaller space--continues to evolve. Latest iterations include the Security QR Code (SQRC), which can contain both encrypted as well as normally readable data, and the LogoQ and LogoQ Face, which allow a full-color logo or photo to be embedded into a QR Code.

The Popular Prize award is given annually by the European Patent Office to inventors of "technologically, socially and economically excellent inventions." The winner is chosen by a public vote. The info-packed QR Code symbol received just under 6,000 of the more than 20,000 votes cast online from around the world during the run-up to the event.

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Date:Sep 1, 2014
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