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QP Semiconductor Announces Qualified Replacements for DS1691AJ - AM26LS30 (SMD Device).

QP Engineering Team Redesigns and Reengineers SMD Replacement Parts

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- QP Semiconductor today announced that the Defense Supply Center, Columbus (DSCC) has approved the company's newly reengineered and redesigned version of the discontinued RS 422, RS 423 Line Drivers with TRI-STATE([R]) Outputs; part numbers DS1691AJ/883, DS1691AJ and AM26LS30/BEA (5962-8672101EA).

"This is a strong addition to our growing list of redesigned and remanufactured replacement parts, particularly for many manufacturers facing supply issues today," said John Stannard, president of QP Semiconductor. He adds, "This part proved challenging to redesign but ultimately we partnered with a suitable wafer manufacturing facility with the necessary processes to support the specs of this unique line driver."

Particularly for various equipment requiring a data interface protocol, QP Semiconductor is offering this fully qualified replacement DS1691/AM26LS30 device just as the present supply dwindles into obsolescence. "We are pleased to offer our customers assurance of a reliable, available, and long term source of qualified parts," said Jim Townsend, marketing director.

These low power Schottky TTL line drivers are designed to meet the requirements of EIA standards RS-422 and RS-423. They feature 4 buffered outputs with high source and sink current capability with internal short circuit protection. The device may be selected via a mode control pin for operation either as 4 single-ended line drivers or 2 differential line drivers.

For pricing, please contact QP Semiconductor at

About QP Semiconductor

QP Semiconductor is a privately held California company founded in 1985. The company today is the largest fabless semiconductor firm serving the military, aerospace and high reliability industries. During the past decade, the company has evolved into the leading semiconductor company that designs, re-engineers and provides a full range of manufacturing capabilities to extend the life of classic ICs for a host of mission-critical programs. The company focuses on providing replacement hermetic parts for DMS (Diminished Manufacturing Sources) and EOL (End of Life) products.

QP Semiconductor ranks today as one of the largest fabless manufacturers of high-reliability hermetic ICs for military & aerospace systems. The company provides over 11% of all QML part numbers listed by the Defense Supply Center, Columbus (DSCC).

QP Semiconductor is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with sales representation throughout the world. For more information, please visit
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Date:Dec 17, 2007
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