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QMY family have the original [...]; TREASURE HUNTERS.


QMY family have the original trench coat which William Holden wore in the American horror movie Omen II.

My wife's great-aunt was his housekeeper in Palm Springs, California, and was given several items of clothing belonging to WH.

As well as the trench coat her family were given two sports jackets belonging to WH, although I am not certain if they were worn in the movie.

Could you give me some idea about how much these clothes might be worth? - Colin Millington, by email AWILLIAM Holden, who died in 1981, was a very well regarded actor who starred in a wide range of films from Sunset Boulevard to The Wild Bunch.

If he wore this trench coat in several key scenes in Omen II it could prove to be very desirable item for a dedicated fan.

I would put it up for sale with a reserve of say pounds 400 to see if anyone bites.

Two Omen fans bidding online could push the price north of pounds 500. The other jackets are probably worth around pounds 100 if accompanied by letters from yourself to add some backstory.

QI RECENTLY bought a fabulous Art Deco-looking Goblin "Teasmade" which is ivory in colour.

It does make a fine cup of tea... although it is quite noisy. I paid pounds 10 for it. How much do you think it is worth? - Paul Major, Cardiff ATHE Goblin is a true British design classic.

The early ones, including those made in the 1950s in the Art Deco style, are popular, though not really sought after. Your one has a plastic orange goblin below the clock.

Early models were very noisy when they were boiling, and usually woke most users well before the clock went off!

You'll find plenty of Goblins on sale at car boot fairs. And a lot of them are in extremely good condition, because they are often unwanted wedding gifts.

You should get between pounds 40 to pounds 50 for your Teasmade - so you have picked up a real bargain.

QOVER the years I have often been tempted to buy Toby jugs made by Royal Doulton and other potteries.

I always decided against it as space at home was a premium.... and I thought my children might break them.

Now they have left home I've made my first purchase - a set of four Doulton jugs of the Three Musketeers and D'Artagnan.

I paid just under pounds 100 for the lot.

Was this a good price? - Sandra Wallace, Sheffield, South Yorks AYOUR Toby jugs are also known as character or figural jugs. These superb items were issued between the mid-50s and 1991.

Aramis (D6441), Porthos (D6440), Athos (D6452) and D'Artagnan (D6691) were of course characters in Alexandre Dumas's famous novel.

If they are the large size - just over seven inches - and there are no chips, they are worth pounds 200 to pounds 250. A nice find.

.. Send questions to Treasure Hunters, Sunday Mirror, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5AP or send an email (with your address) to - sorry, but he can't reply personally. Visit and follow Jamie on Twitter @jamiebreese


Art Deco classic... the Goblin Teasmade Horror star... William Holden in Damien: Omen II
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 3, 2011
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