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QCD@Work: Proceedings.


QCD@work; proceedings.

Int'l Workshop on Quantum Chromodynamics; Theory and Experiment (2005: Bari, Italy) Ed. by Pietro Colangelo et al.

American Institute of Physics


329 pages



AIP conference proceedings; 806


The editors (of Italy's Instituto Nazionale de Fisica Nucleare and U. di Bari) present 41 physics papers from the June 2005 International Workshop on Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). The broad topics covered by the workshop, as well as the two previous ones, include: low energy and nonperturbative QCD, deep inelastic scattering with polarized and unpolarized probes, jet physics and perturbative QCD, heavy quark physics, physics of relativistic heavy ion collisions, and QCD phase diagram at finite temperature and density. A few examples of specific topics include the latest experimental results on pentaquarks, an overview of spin physics, deconstructed Higgsless models, approximated Faddeev-Niemi knotted solitons, topological susceptibility in the SU(3) gauge theory, finite temperature lattice gauge theories in external fields, sum rules for leading and subleading form factors in heavy quark effective theory using the non-forward amplitude, and quark-antiquark bound state equation in the Wilson loop approach with minimal surfaces.

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Title Annotation:by Pietro Colangelo
Publication:SciTech Book News
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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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