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Byline: Jeremy Piven & Katherine Kelly

Jeremy, we're loving the new series and also the news that you're returning to Entourage for the forthcoming movie. Who's the most fun to play, Ari Gold or Harry Selfridge?

They're both fun but in different ways.

Ari is a wild character. Who's not gonna have fun playing Ari? Then again, Harry gets to throw tango parties, which is cool. Not everyone can get the tango rhythm but I'm a drummer and I do a lot of boxing, so I'm pretty light on my feet.

So, if we fancied a tango?

I'm your man.

How do you like London?

I spend six months of the year in London, so I feel like I'm half British. London reminds me of Chicago, where I grew up.

London likes to work hard and play hard.

You earn your money then you go to the pub. You won't find that lifestyle in LA.

Did you pop into Selfridges?

I did, I quickly ran in there for some cologne. I was dressed as me, though, so I don't think anyone recognised me.

When I do get recognised in the UK, people actually call me Mr Selfridge and treat me like I really am an Edwardian gent.

Did you do much partying?

Nah, I was Mr Boring. I was always the guy falling asleep in the corner.

What else do you like about life in Britain?

I love the fact you guys tell it like it is. If you have an idea in the States, everybody says, 'Yeah, great, go for it.' In Britain, somebody will say, 'That's a terrible idea.' Brits have a hard time lying. But, in many ways, that's why Harry Selfridge ended up here. There was no emphasis on customer service because if a Brit is in a bad mood, he's not gonna say, 'Have a nice day'. Brits aren't very good at faking it.

Katherine, these days, do most people know you as Becky from Corrie or Lady Mae?

As soon as the first series went out, it changed from, 'Hi Becky, how's it going, me duck?' to, 'Good afternoon, Lady Mae. How are you today?' – I felt terribly posh.

She's a glam character. Would you have liked that?

Are you saying I'm not glamorous? No, working on this show has reminded me what a tomboy I am. I just can't be bothered with all that. In Mae's time, ladies put on four or five different outfits throughout the day. If I'd had to do that, I'd have run away and joined the circus.

How long does it take to turn you into Lady Mae?

About two hours. You even have a separate fitting for the hat.

Mae has quite an active sex life

Yes, she's always up for a fling. Mind you, she does have a lot of time on her hands.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Feb 23, 2014
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