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Q/A with Dana Johnson: Dana Johnson, president of Wellnx Life Sciences, says snacking can be healthful and delicious.

What is the motivation behind the Wellnx Life Sciences' Pure Goodness brand?

Dana Johnson: We at Pure Goodness have identified a need for wholesome, convenient nutrition to feed a healthy lifestyle; all without compromising the health of the planet. At the same time, we feel that everyone should have access to adequate nutrition. That is why we have made a commitment to donate one percent of sales to organizations fighting hunger in America.

What is the focus of the Pure Goodness line?

Pure Goodness is a premium brand of plant-based super foods made from naturally nutrient-rich ingredients. Our products contain high-quality ingredients such as styrian pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and hemp. They are loaded with protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and omega fatty acids, all of which are dedicated to boosting overall health. All of our products have simple, clean labels with single ingredients; are free from artificial colors, sweeteners or flavorings, gluten and dairy; are minimally processed for maximum nutrient preservation; are non GMO-verified; and vegan and paleo-friendly.

At Pure Goodness, we are concerned that the increasing reliance on dairy and livestock for nutrition poses a serious threat to our precious natural resources. For example, many people are unaware that animal agriculture consumes one-third of global freshwater, occupies 45 percent of Earth's total land and produces 18 percent of global greenhouses gases--more than the entire global transportation system.

Animal sourced nutrition is a challenge from a sustainability perspective as the world's population continues to grow, while at the same time it is a significant contributor to many of the factors considered to be responsible for climate change. Consumer awareness of this is growing. At the same time, consumer interest in alternative forms of nutrition that is equivalent, and in many cases higher in nutritional value, while at the same time more environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable, is entering the mainstream consciousness.

How are retailers reacting?

A number of retailers are significantly investing in plant-based nutrition, expanding the space allocated to plant-based food alternatives. We expect to see even more of this in the coming months. Consumers are not just adopting a fad with this movement. It is instead becoming a lifestyle choice. They want clean labels, recognizable ingredients, non-GMO products and healthy nutrition. At the same time they are becoming increasingly concerned about the welfare of the planet. Whether it is general awareness from all of the climate change stories in the news, or specific instances stories in the news, or specific instances such as droughts in California or floods in Texas, awareness is growing that sustainability of the food supply is not certain.

How is Pure Goodness helping retailers?

Pure Goodness came to life because of our belief that healthy nutrition should be available to everyone. All of our products are developed with this in mind. And we want them to be available to, and affordable for everyone.

What is in store for the future in terms of products?

We continue to work every day to source exciting new ingredients that we can bring to the Pure Goodness family. We are also actively seeking new formats to deliver the same high nutritional values in ever more convenient and delicious forms. Our latest introduction, Pure Goodness Protein Clusters, for example, is made from whole almonds, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds and delivers a delicious, healthy snack providing 10-grams of plant based protein, nine-grams of fiber, and four-grams of omega fatty acids, in a convenient three-serving pouch. They are available in three delicious flavors: Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt.
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