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Q: Why is there a special need for products for oncology patients? What are their special needs?

A: Oncology patients have several concerns--risk of infection and weakened immune systems; xero-stomia (dry mouth) caused by the powerful chemo meds that can lead to problems with teeth and gums; soreness and sensitivity due to oral mucositis, which is inflammation and sores to the mucous membranes of the mouth. The solution is a rinse that can address all of these concerns.

Q: What size market are we talking about?

A: There are nearly 2 million new cases a year and 15 million people living with cancer. Specifically, all head/neck cancer cases are impacted, and most people going through chemo are susceptible to developing oral complications. Additionally, good oral care health has a direct relationship to overall immune health, which is a primary concern for any cancer patient.

Q: What makes Prevention Oncology effective?

A: Prevention Oncology is designed specifically for the needs of these oncology patients. The natural glycerin in our rinse serves as a humectant--meaning it helps to attract and retain moisture in the mouth. It also serves as a demulcent, forming a protective coating in the mouth providing temporary pain relief. This helps many patients who may be suffering with oral mucositis to eat and drink with less discomfort. It also helps manage tissue inflammation and sensitivity. This formulation has removed surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) that can cause further irritation to the oral cavity of oncology patients who are already struggling with sensitivity, discomfort and taste issues.

Chris Donley, Prevention Health Sciences

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Title Annotation:ORAL CARE
Author:Donley, Chris
Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Oct 23, 2017
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