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Your legal questions answered. Send your questions to QI TOOK my wife for a Valentine's meal and it cost a fortune. Despite it being a fancy restaurant the food was awful, not remotely resembling the description on the set menu. I paid the bill but do I have any rights to get my money back? John Redmore AIF the food did not meet the description on the set menu then you have the right to a reduction in the bill. Send the manager a letter.

QI BOUGHT a painting which was No34 out of 150 from a local gallery. When I got it home I saw it had a slight blemish. I took it back and was offered a refund. But I want a replacement. I have seen online that they have to put me back in the position I would have been in had the problem not occurred. Does this mean they have to replace the painting? Francesca Miller ANO. If the gallery cannot provide a replacement, perhaps because they do not have stock, they can give you a refund. Putting you "back in the position you would have been in" can also mean giving your money back.

QMY landlord handed me a notice to quit, giving me five days to vacate the house. Do I have any rights? Debra Ashwood ACHECK your tenancy agreement, especially what it says about termination. It is most likely for a fixed term of six months. If this is the case, he cannot evict you this quickly.

QMY hairstylist made a mess of my hair. I didn't get the dark brown colouring I asked for. They say the colour is not permanent so they don't have to refund me. Lisa Jacobs AUNDER the Consumer Rights Act the hairdressers had an obligation to provide the service with reasonable care and skill. Clearly they have not, so you can demand a refund.

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 21, 2016
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