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Putting fun into food? Not really; Bevan on the box WITH NATHAN BEVAN.

REMEMBER Cannon & Ball? Of course you do, everyone does, regardless of whether or not they've undergone years of intensive electrotherapy to try and dislodge the unfortunate memory from their minds.

Me? I love 'em, even though I'm now a 43-year-old man whose taste in comedy really should have moved on from the sight of a small Northerner with a perm twanging a big pair of red braces and calling another, taller Northerner a 'little liar' and telling him that he 'pigging hated' him.

On paper, it has to be said, that does sound a little odd - but, believe me, as far as my 12-year-old self was concerned it was the stuff Saturday nights were made of.

| Tommy different So it was great to see one half of that dynamic duo, Tommy Cannon, turning up on the latest series of Celebrity MasterChef (BBC1).

And, although clearly out of his depth - Cannon's culinary skills are as meat and potatoes as his joke writing - the unashamedly old school comedian seemed a lot happier than when he appeared opposite his long term partner-inpunchline Bobby Ball on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! in 2005.

Back then he came across as cantankerous and curmudgeonly, bitter of his colleague's more natural clowning and overshadowed by his OTT personality.

A veritable spirit level when it comes to getting the measure of how beige the straight man should be in any comedy duo, Cannon ended up being first to get the boot from the jungle, while Ball almost made it right to the end of the run.

So maybe here, surrounded by veritable non-entities such as vlogger and YouTube 'sensation' Marcus Butler (no, me neither) and presenter Alexis Conran (ditto) he doesn't feel like he has as much to prove.

Perhaps his decidedly workman-like approach to food might even see him reach the semis.

Then there was Sinitta. Ah Sinitta - you are to TV cookery shows what Lucrezia Borgia was to wine tasting evenings round Pope Alexander VI's place.

"My children think I'm an amazing cook," she said straight-faced, whilst stuffing an aubergine with raw mince and briefly waving it in front of a luke-warm oven.

That's the thing with kids though, isn't it - no real frame of reference.

Take the hundreds of thousands that bought your cloth-eared, over-produced ersatz synth pop back in the '80s... they probably all thought you were also an amazing singer.

Eventually though, those people would've grown up, discovered Sinitta - cooking styles the likes of Janis Joplin and realised what you'd been peddling had all the artistic merit of a whale fart.

But I guess that's what makes up a large part of Celebrity MasterChef 's unflagging appeal, the show now enjoying its gazillionth run.

I imagine that, come Armageddon, episodes of it will still be playing somewhere on napalmscorched TV sets, watched through wide eyeless sockets by bleached boned skeletons huddled on smouldering sofas.

Still, compared to those who might have mistakenly eaten some of Sinitta's botulism sorbet, at least they can be thankful they died quickly.

GAME OF THRONES - or 'T*ts and Dragons' as it's called round my way (Sky Atlantic) - finally bade farewell to the baddest baddie of all time, Wales' very own Iwan Rheon.

Beaten half to death and fed to his own beloved dog pack, his comeuppance had been a long time coming.

Just hope the show can find someone even more evil to replace him.


| Tommy and Sinitta - different cooking styles
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Date:Jun 26, 2016
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