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Putting Western textiles to work.

From the hands of Native American and Mexican craftsmen, bold woven textiles can add hard-wearing history to rooms in Western houses. Even modern works usually reflect traditional designs, and you can find examples in all price ranges.

Draping a textile over a chair or sofa gives a casual look, easily rearranged.

Pictorial designs make good wall hangings. Collectors recommend using 2-inch-wide hook-and-loop tape (make sure tape is rated to support the weight of your textile). Staple the hook side to a 1-by-2 (or 1-by-4 for bigger pieces). Next, stitch the loop side to a 3-inch-wide muslin strip. Using cotton thread, hand-sew muslin to the top edge of your textile. Nail the wood bracket to the wall. To attach the textile, start at the center of the tape and work outward. Bottom corners can be attached in a similar fashon.

For pillows, consider using textile remnants. Enclose foam or down filling in muslin, or buy a ready-made pillow form. Then sew the textile to make a removable cover. Insert pillow; blind-stitch closed.

Designs: Los Angeles designer Joseph Terrell; dealer Betty Gold, of Territory, Los Angeles.
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Title Annotation:Inside the Western Home
Date:Oct 1, 1990
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