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Puts lead calls 5:1 in iShares Emerging Markets Fund.

Puts lead calls 5:1 in iShares Emerging Markets Fund. Shares up 9c to $42.28 and 70K Apr 35.5 puts trade 2c with bid-ask 1 to 2c. The put buy represents the largest option block traded across all listed products into midday Thursday and opens a position struck 16% below spot, expiring in three weeks. Separately, 20K Jan 37 puts trade $1.30 on ISE, tied, and was also bought, according to ISEE data. As a result, total volume in the product clearly lopsided at 97K puts and 18K calls, but lighter than normal as typical volume into midday is 140K contracts.

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Publication:The Fly
Date:Mar 28, 2019
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