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Putin fight is overdue; VOICE OF THE.

WITH each day more evidence emerges of the malign behaviour of Vladimir Putin's Russia.

The charge sheet already included the Salisbury poisoning, the downing of flight MH17, meddling in Western elections and cyber attacks on foreign television networks.

Now we have learned the country's military intelligence service tried to hack chemical weapons agencies investigating the novichok attack. Anti-doping offices in Canada and a US power company were also targeted.

Russia is waging a Cold War 2.0. The Kremlin is using technology, propaganda and espionage to undermine Western democracies and subvert international rules.

Yesterday's robust and united international response is a step in the right direction and Britain is also planning further sanctions.

But more should be done to stop the flow of Russian dirty money that pollutes the City. We should be turning the screw on the Kremlinbacking oligarchs who abuse our hospitality. Russia is now a pariah state and it should be treated as one.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EXRU
Date:Oct 5, 2018
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