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Put these items on your reading list.

For those interested in reading about handball and those who play it, two compelling offerings have recently become available.

Linda Mahnken traces the history of handball at the Dolphin Club in San Francisco. Her four-page article begins on Page 4 of the file attached to this link:

Besides the excellent research, you'll be sure to enjoy the photo of former President Abraham Lincoln playing handball.

Also available is the autobiography of longtime Minnesota handballer Ted Bergstrom. The book is titled "The Long, Lucky Life of Ted Bergstrom: From Hard Times and Pigskins to Handball and Tough Courts, but Always in the Loving Embrace of Family, Friends and God."

Sadly, Bergstrom died Sept. 14 in St. Paul just three days after he left a handball court with chest pains. After that incident, he sent a few final revisions to his autobiography, including a couple of new paragraphs for his "Final Thoughts."

Editor Mike Dorsher says Bergstrom "had an amazing life."

Besides handball, Dorsher says the book includes "chapters laying out Ted's Depression-era trip across Illinois on a self-built minibike, his college football stardom, the years-long patent lawsuit against Sears that he won (and lost), and his molecular engineer's explanation of how God created the universe."

To purchase a copy, go to and search for "Ted Bergstrom."

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Date:Nov 1, 2019
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