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Put reflectors on carts - official.

Many families still rely on donkey carts for transport and to ferry goods from one place but do not take due safety precautions especially on roads resulting in road accidents

Speaking during the Bobirwa road safety donkey carts campaign in Bobonong recently, veterinary officer Mr Barulaganye Sekwababe stated that most donkey carts did not have safety precautions such as reflectors for visibility purposes putting users in risk of being involved in fatal road accidents.

He also raised concern that children were allowed to move around with donkey carts which also put them at risk of involvement in road accidents.

According to 2017/18 statistics, he said Bobirwa had 95 000 cattle, 93 391 goats, 15 576 sheep and 11 995 donkeys, which he said proved that donkeys were many in the area. Mr Sekwababe urged donkey cart users to observe road signs, put reflectors on their carts and stop mistreating animals as it was against the law to be cruel to animals.

He said although donkeys were used to perform critical duties they still suffered abuse from owners.

In many instances donkeys were severely whipped and not well feed and appealed to those that do that to desist from such.

Another speaker, traffic officer at Bobonong Police Station, Inspector Thatayaone David said the Traffic Act defines donkey carts and motor cars as vehicles and as such there was a need for their users to obey road signs.

Inspector David also warned donkey cart users not to drive them under the influence of alcohol as it may lead to accidents.

For her part, station manager for Department of Road Transport and Safety in Bobonong, Ms Boemo Sekgweng said the road safety committee came with the initiative to stick reflectors on carts because they realised that some did not have them which put them at risk of being hit by motorists especially at night.

Ms Sekgweng further explained that the campaign was also aimed at educating road users about road safety.

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Publication:Botswana Daily News (Gaborone, Botswana)
Date:Oct 21, 2018
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