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Put no 'stock' in the royal rumour.

Byline: Susan lee

IF EVER proof were needed that class divisions still well and truly exist in this country then the saga of Kate Middleton and William proves it.

We read of sniggers and snide comments about Kate's mum being a former air stewardess; of tut-tutting because the woman said 'toilet' and not 'lavatory; of Kate not being 'the right stock' to make a wife fit for a King.

And what has William done to prevent this? Apparently nothing, so entrenched is he in the 'hooray' triple-barrelled name world of the guffawing upper classes.

Of course, we'll all do well to remember that class is not the same as breeding and the Middleton family have equipped themselves honourably.

Whether the House of Windsor, and its I toffee-nosed A acolytes, can say the i same is debatable. What should Katie do next? Thank the stars for a lucky escape.


ROYALLY OUT: Kate Middleton, ex-girlfriend of Prince William; BREEDING CROWNED: Prince William is now single
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 20, 2007
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