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Put a trainer in your pocket.

Talk about the ultimate motivation for tech-savvy fitness buffs. Personalized Workout Systems (PWS) has developed an audio personal trainer you can download to your mp3 player and bring to your workout--the MP3Gym.

An MP3Gym membership costs $19.95 and provides countless hours of personal training. The MP3Gym CD-ROM contains:

* 192 different mp3 files (over 60 exercises);

* eight preset routines;

* eight illustrated routine sheets as a visual reference;

* MP3Gym manual (pdf and audio versions);

* personalized custom routine sheets;

* more than 100,000 routine combinations;

* a six-month routine subscription.

"I'm very enthusiastic about MP3Gym," says Barry Smith, PWS founder and CEO. "Now everyone with an mp3 player can have the advantages of a personal trainer without spending a fortune. With the MP3Gym, users will finally be able to take Internet and CD-ROM fitness programs beyond their computer and actually use it in the gym."

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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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