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Pushing the Development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)To New Heights.

In June last year China successfully held the Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO) Qingdao Summit, during which President Xi Jinping put forward a new vision on development, safety, cooperation, civilization and global governance and summarized the basic connotation of a new type of international relations, charting the course for the SCO's development. The Summit also reached new consensus on cooperation in such fields as politics, security, economy, people-to-people and cultural engagement and exhibited the SCO's cooperative and enterprising spirit. Qingdao Summit was held under the background that the SCO has realized membership expansion for the first time and entered a critical development period, which set the SCO on a new journey of continuous and forward-looking development.

The Chinese side stands ready to work with Kyrgyz, rotating presidency of SCO in 2019, and other member countries including Pakistan to fully implement the outcomes of the Qingdao Summit and push the SCO's cooperation in various fields to new heights.

We have three main expectations on SCO in 2019:

First, we should have new measures for security cooperation. At present, as the regional security situation remains complex and grave, member countries need to make joint efforts; we should push forward the SCO Convention on Combating Extremism to take effect as early as possible and step up efforts against terrorism, separatism and extremism; we should improve the functions of regional antiterrorism organizations, and deepen cooperation in fighting against drug trafficking , maintaining security of internet information and other fields; we should strengthen intelligence exchanges, personnel training and well conduct various counter-terrorism exercise to improve the ability in joint action in law enforcement cooperation; and we should further give play to the role of SCO-Afghanistan Contact Group to actively take part in the political reconciliation process of Afghanistan.

Second, we should have new actions in practical cooperation. We should deepen the integration of the joint building of the Belt and Road Initiative and development strategies and regional cooperative initiatives of all countries to inject strong impetus into practical cooperation; we should accelerate promoting trade facilitation, and launch the feasibility study of the free trade zone as early as possible to fully release the cooperation potential, elevate regional connectivity and boost regional integrated development; and we should continue expanding scientific, technological, local as well as people-to-people and cultural cooperation to propel the SCO cooperation to grow in breadth and depth.

Third, we should shoulder new responsibilities in international and regional affairs. The current world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century and faced with unprecedented risks and challenges. The international community looks forward that the SCO will play a greater constructive role to inject more positive energy into the current international situation. The SCO should make its voice heard on major international and regional issues in a timely manner, especially in upholding multilateralism, safeguarding international fairness and justice and striving to build a new type of international relations and a community of a shared future for mankind.

As all-weather strategic cooperative partners, China and Pakistan have maintained in-depth cooperation in various international organizations including the SCO. Pakistan has made important contribution to the success of Qingdao Summit last year. China is pleased to strengthen the communication and cooperation with Pakistan under the framework of SCO for its new development and success.We believe that under the careful preparation of the rotating presidency of Kyrgyzstan and joint efforts of all sides, the Bishkek Summit will achieve a complete success and break the new ground for the SCO's development.
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Date:Jun 30, 2019
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