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Pushbutton lockset. (ISC West Product Showcase).

Kaba Ilco of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has introduced a new pushbutton combination lock, the fully mechanical Simplex 5000. The new clutch-free design and cast stainless steel internal drive parts give the lockset greater strength and durability than ever before. End users will appreciate the lock's one-handed operation, thousands of easy combination changes, and two-year warranty. With one hand, the user keys in a combination, presses ENTER, and turns the ADA-compliant lever. To familiarize users, the lock comes with a surround card offering operating instructions. When employees, tenants, or guests leave, combination changes take seconds without removing the lock from the door. The key over-ride feature provides convenient access for emergency, security, or maintenance personnel. The lock accepts 15 major industry standard key-in-knob cylinders, allowing facility managers to maintain a master-keyed security system. Booth 22109S, Circle 359
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Publication:Security Management
Date:Mar 1, 2003
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