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Pursuit Ultralight XLT.



Weighing in at only 5.9 pounds, the Pursuit Ultralight XLT features an Ultralight Chromoly tapered, fluted, ported barrel which makes it lighter and built to travel. The 28" barrel is coated in Premium CeraKote Finish, which is 50 times more resistant than stainless steel and protects against highly corrosive black powder, cleaning chemicals and all forms of weather. The barrel comes equipped with the Speed Load System, allowing for easy loading. The Pursuit Ultralight XLT also features the Accelerator Breech Plug which removes in three easy turns by hand, 360-degree barrel porting to reduce muzzle jump and Soft Touch camo stocks. Equipped with a dual safety system, the Pursuit Ultralight XLT incorporates two safeties; a trigger block safety and an internal hammer block safety. Traditions Performance Firearms, (860) 388-4656,
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Title Annotation:NEW PRODUCTS
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Oct 29, 2011
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