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PureWorld Botanicals, Inc.: unlocking the secrets of nature.

A research-driven bulk ingredient manufacturer, PureWorld Botanicals, Inc., South Hackensack, NJ, has staked its claim in the standardized extract field. Committed to excellence in science and the discovery of natural products, PureWorld, with its R & D capabilities, technological knowledge and state-of-the-art facility, plays a prominent role in the nutraceuticals industry. With over 40 years of experience making botanical extracts, the company currently manufactures more than 1200 products derived from over 200 different botanicals in the largest extraction and processing facility in North America.

In 1995 PureWorld set out to achieve its goal of establishing the finest research and development team in the dietary supplement industry by purchasing Dr. Madis Laboratories. Led by Dr. Qun Yi Zheng, president and COO, PureWorld has increased its sales by 500% since that acquisition.

In its FDA-approved facility for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), PureWorld provides custom toll services for the manufacture and processing of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, foods and beverages, flavors and cosmetics. At this facility, the company offers its customers an array of services including spray drying, blending and mixing, roller compaction and extrusion, extraction and purification.

At PureWorld, quality control is taken very seriously. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers herbal contamination, adulteration and misidentification critical problems in the botanical industry, according to Dr. Zheng. "Thanks to PureWorld's scientific capability, we put our botanicals and other raw materials through a comprehensive battery of tests for purity and potency," he said. "We analyze botanicals for microbial contamination, aflatoxin, heavy metals, pesticide residues and the use of irradiation with our in-house instruments. We guarantee that our herbs are properly identified and we assess each herb for phytochemical potency and levels of specific marker compounds. Only when a product passes every single analysis for purity and potency can it be shipped."

Through its research and development efforts, PureWorld continuously seeks to implement new technologies that raise the bar in critical areas of quality control, safety, efficacy and physical characteristics of ingredients, as well as in innovating new products and technologies. In fact, the company has been granted several patents for its innovations. One of these patents relates to its PurePowder technology, which is a new method for sterilizing plant materials, replacing the use of ethylene oxide or gamma irradiation.

On the ingredient front, PureWorld offers a line of novel, proprietary products. These include MacaPure[R], the first standardized extract from maca with proven bioactivity to naturally enhance sexual performance; VeraPure[R], which is a pure aloe developed to meet the needs of all cosmetic and consumer product companies; and YerbaLean[R] (yerba mate extract), BanabaLean[R] (banaba extract) and HydroxyLean[R] (4-hydoxyisoleucine) round out the company's line of ephedra-free extracts for weight control formulas.

Commenting on the state of the industry, Dr. Zheng said that at the moment it is responding to the growing demands of consumers who are choosing natural products to ensure safety and quality. "Although the industry is in a recovery phase, we believe it is growing and will continue to grow as more reputable companies enter the market," he said. "The industry is much more focused on quality and looking for GMPs, higher integrity of raw materials and companies that are committed to these goals."

Looking ahead, Dr. Zheng discussed PureWorld's role in the nutraceuticals industry. "PureWorld has established itself as a leader in the nutraceuticals market, committed to meeting the global consumer demands for safe, natural products and will continue to research and discover new and better products to meet consumer demands," he said. "PureWorld will also continue to set standards for the industry and align itself with leaders to make this a more reputable industry."--T.W.

PureWorld Botanicals, Inc.

375 Huyler St.

South Hackensack, NJ 07606

Telephone: 201-440-5000

Fax: 201-342-8000


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