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Purchase of Fuel (Lpg, Unleaded Petrol, Diesel) Based Credit Card for Cncir and the Branches of Its 15.

Tenders are invited for Purchase of Fuel (Lpg, Unleaded Petrol, Diesel) Based Credit Card for Cncir and the Branches of Its 15

Procurement the Public Procurement Contract for the Supply of Approximately: 124,320 Liters of Lpg, 58,872 Liters 12,000 Liters of Unleaded Petrol and Diesel On Credit Card,

Total quantity or scope: The public procurement contract for the supply of approximately: 124,320 liters of LPG, 58,872 liters 12,000 liters of unleaded petrol and diesel on the card,

Estimated value excluding VAT: 617,499 RON

Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 15.07.2015 16:00

Conditions for opening tenders: Date (closing date of the tender evaluation): 07/16/2015 6:00 p.m.

Division into lots: Not

Deposits and guarantees required: The amount of participation guarantee (GP): 6.175 lei. Data equivalent lion / Currency is four days before the deadline for submission of ofertei.Perioada life: 90 days from the deadline for submission of ofertei.Modul of establishment: GP may be by bank transfer or money order letter of guarantee issued under the law by a banking company or an insurance company (SBSA), which are presented in original, in the amount and for the period stipulated in the tender documentation (DA) .If establishment GP: -By payment the system "on-line", the document which certifies the transaction will be signed and stamped by the legal representative of the economic operator (EO), to confirm platii.-through guarantee instruments issued by SBSA, they are presented in the original- order, it shows the original, signed and stamped by the issuing bank for confirmare.- art. 16 of Law no. 346/2004 regarding the establishment and development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), SMEs benefit from a 50% reduction in the amount of the performance bond GP and established in DA. Documents proving the security to be posted mandatory participation in SEAP (scanned) until the deadline for submission of tenders and will be presented at the headquarters of the contracting authority by all economic operators and original if it is the way of formation of lit. a). OE is obliged to arrange the date and time of opening of the tender, the contracting authority to have the account or guarantees amount representing the amount GP, otherwise the economic operator will be respinsa.Contul offer guarantees of CNCIR: RO68BRDE426SA42597514260, BRD Branch Mosilor Gar. exec good. (GBE) will be 5% of the wave. lei contract without VAT tender form (Appendix 3). GBE may be formed by a guarantee instrument may be: a) OP account guarantees of CNCIR: RO68BRDE426SA42597514260, BRD Mosilor Branch; b) writing. by gar. exec good. - (Cf Appendix 9) issued cond. Law of a shock. Banking (SB) or an insurance company (SBSA) and becomes annex to the contract. If writing. It is issued by a SBSA from another state, It will demonstrate


Address : Str. Promoroaca,

Nr. 9-11,

Sector 1,

Localitatea: Bucuresti,

Cod Postal: 014013,

In Atentia: Demirel Spiridon,

Contact : Demirel Spiridon

Country :Romania

Email :

Url :

Tender notice number : 159586

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2015-07-15

Tender documents : T27380378.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:May 20, 2015
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