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Purchase Of Computer Equipment And Software For The Poviat Starosty In Wrzesnia.

Contract awarded for Purchase of computer equipment and software for the poviat starosty in wrzesnia

The subject of the order was divided into 3 parts: part i - computers - desktop computer sets - 20 pcs - portable computers - 3 pcs, part ii - software and licenses - server operating system - 2 pcs, - user licenses for the server operating system - 130 items, part iii - accessories for the server infrastructure - network switches - 2 pcs, - hard drives for the matrix - 4 pcs, - network card for the uninterruptible power supply - 1 pc.

Price of the chosen offer / contract value: 108942.35

Offer with the lowest price / cost of: 108942.35

Offer with the highest price / cost of: 142499.19

Currency: pln

The total value of the contract

Value excluding VAT: 92357.00

Currency: pln

Number of offers received 4

in the

number of tenders received from small and medium-sized enterprises: 1

Number of offers received from contractors from other Member States of the European Union: 0

Number of offers received from contractors from countries not members of the European Union: 0

Number of offers received by electronic means: 0

Date of contract award: 08/04/2019


Contractor address : Harcerska 4

Kod Pocztowy: 62-300

Miejscowosc: Wrzesnia

Implementing agency : Starostwo Powiatowe,

Fryderyka Chopina 10, 62-300 Wrzesnia, Woj. Wielkopolskie, Panstwo Polska,

Tel: 061 6402051,

E-Mail: Starostwo@Wrzesnia.Powiat.Pl

Adres Strony Internetowej (Url): Www.Wrzesnia.Powiat.Pl

Country :Poland

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Apr 17, 2019
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