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Purabind[R] pulp.

With PURABIND[R] PULP, Kampffmeyer Food Innovation has developed a clean label binding system for the cold preparation of tomato sauces. As no cooking is required, the sauce remains pulpy and fresh and retains its consistency-and is ideally suited to automatic dosing processes.

PURABIND [R] PULP consists of physically treated wheat flour fractions. This binding system builds stable viscosities even in cold processes and can thus bind sauces permanently with-out heat application. The result-ant texture is similar to that of home-made tomato sauces: good mouthfeel, full-bodied, fresh and pulpy. The visible appeal of cold processed sauces is another advantage: Sauces bound with PURABIND [R] PULP look light and fresh, their structure is supported and remains stable.

Using PURABIND [R] PULP with fully-automatic dosing systems is simple: After swelling, the sauce is firm and shows no liquefaction. Due to the binding system's excellent freeze-thaw-stability, the sensorial properties remain the same even after thawing.

PURABIND[R] PULP is suitable for all tomato sauces used in ready-to-eat pizza, deep frozen pizza, pizza baguettes, filled pastry pockets, as well as in chilled or deep frozen pasta products such as lasagne and canneloni, and in several other products such as bolognese and ratatouille. As PURABIND [R] PULP is pure flour which has only been thermically treated, it does not need to be declared separately, provided that wheat flour is an ingredient in the overall product.

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