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FROM THE ARCHIVES. Mar 25, 2021 684
How to Fight Puppy Mills: Toughening the Sentences for Animal Abuse in the Post- Communist Region. Novotny, Lukas Jun 1, 2020 11455
Give Your Puppy a Smart Start: Wondering when and how you should start training your puppy? Immediately! Colman, Stephanie Apr 1, 2020 2747
Urinalysis in Great Dane Puppies from Birth to 28 Days of Age. Melandri, Monica; Veronesi, Maria Cristina; Alonge, Salvatore Apr 1, 2020 6951
Teach Your Puppy to "Leave it" Alone: Puppies put everything in their mouths! What can you do? Fortunately, plenty! Richmond, Mardi Jan 1, 2020 2321
Puppy Port-a-Potty. Meyer, Dawn Aug 1, 2019 177
Raised Right: Fostering "pays it forward" in ways I did not anticipate, but sure appreciate. Kerns, Nancy Editorial Aug 1, 2018 512
Feed Me! How to provide adequate nutrition at one of the most crucial developmental stages--puppyhood. Flaim, Dense Sep 1, 2017 1340
Determination of Maternal Rabies Virus Neutralizing Antibody in Young Puppies. Durrani, Uzma Farid; Goyal, Sagar Mal; Mahmood, Asim Khalid; Hanlon, Cathleen; Moore, Susan; Waqas, Report Jun 30, 2017 1878
Help your pup grow social: it's a lot of work to arrange for and manage your puppy's social life, but worth every minute, since it can have a positive--or negative--influence on the rest of his interactions, for life! Richmond, Mardi May 1, 2017 1915
Bite inhibition. Miller, Pat May 1, 2017 1449
Survival strategies for puppy biting: how to get past this developmental phase in one piece. Tucker, Nancy May 1, 2017 1110
Time flies when you get a puppy: a year of challenges and delights with woody. Kerns, Nancy Mar 1, 2017 2265
Intra Medullary Pinning for Management of Femur Fracture in a Pup. Sangwan, Amit; Singh, Satyaveer; Jhirwal, S.K. Report Jan 1, 2017 938
Twice as nice? Kerns, Nancy Editorial Jun 1, 2016 612
Puppy Pro's: the appeal of the near-blank slate. Kerns, Nancy Apr 1, 2016 684
Chews wisely: how to manage your pup's chewing habit to ensure a destruction-free home. Miller, Pat Mar 1, 2016 2745
The puppy conundrum. Miller, Pat Jan 1, 2016 1749
Start leash-training without a leash: the no-pull, no-drag method for puppies. Miller, Pat Jan 1, 2016 1547
Surgical management of bilateral mandibular fracture in a pup. Kalita, D.; Singh, C.K.; Deuri, B. Report Jan 1, 2016 970
Haematological and therapeutic aspects of canine parvovirus (CPV) infections in crossbred pups. Parthiban, S.; Pothiappan, P.; Mukhopadhyay, H.K. Report Jul 1, 2015 1167
Clinical management of concurrent ehrlichiosis and parvo viral infection in a pup. Bhanuprakash, A.G; Chethan, G.E.; Mahendran, K.; Panigrahi, P.N. Report Jul 1, 2015 1218
Surgical management of cleft palate in pups. Verma, Pallavi; Singh, T.; Mohindroo, J.; Raghunath, M.; Singh, S.S. Report Jan 1, 2015 1232
Synchronicity: when the information we need arrives at just the right time. Kerns, Nancy Editorial Nov 1, 2014 649
Surgical management of bilateral mandibular fracture in a pup. Kale, V.D.; Zope, A.N.; Ulemale, A.H. Report Jan 1, 2014 749
Surgical management of congenital phimosis in pup. Vadalia, J.V.; Patel, A.M.; Kumar, Vineet Report Jan 1, 2014 1211
Proper puppy prep: the science and art of optimizing baby canine brains. Flaim, Denise Nov 1, 2013 2873
Healthy living: follow these steps and get pup off to the right start. Carty, Dave Oct 1, 2013 411
A field guide to ethical breeders: and how to detect the profiteers and puppymillers who wear the costume. Houlahan, Heather Aug 1, 2013 3520
Clinical management of juvenile impetigo in a pup. Srivastava, Mukesh; Kachhawaha, Subhash; Kachhawa, J.P. Report Jul 1, 2013 889
Puppy nutrition: the proper food is critical in maintaining a young dog's overall health. Peterson, Tony J. Mar 1, 2013 1686
Brain power. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 278
Process: those first few months are filled with plenty of--ahem--challenges. Wright, John Stewart Mar 1, 2013 796
Puppy benchmarks revisited: putting some misconceptions to rest. Baile, Ed Mar 1, 2013 1260
Puppy pre-care: proper checkups and vaccinations can prevent problems later. Carty, Dave Mar 1, 2013 421
Puppies! Lamb, Jamie Feb 26, 2013 659
Preventing puppy infections: also, treating lick granuloma. Holcomb, John Feb 26, 2013 670
Prevalence of swimming puppy syndrome in 2,443 puppies during the years 2006-2012 in Thailand. Nganvongpanit, Korakot; Yano, Terdsak Jan 1, 2013 4465
Therapeutic management of parasitic gastroenteritis--a clinical study in 24 pups. Kumar, Bipin; Kumar, Nirbhay; Sinha, Ranveer Kumar Report Jan 1, 2013 740
Haemto-biochemical evaluation and therapeutic management of canine parvo virus (CPV) infection--a report of three puppies. Tiwari, S.K.; Kashyap, Deepak Kumar; Kaushal, G.D.; Choudhary, Yugesh Kumar; Singh, Harinder Report Jan 1, 2013 1179
Feeding protocol: how much and when to fill your pup's chow bowl. Carty, Dave Nov 1, 2012 413
New or used? Pondering the purchase of a well-bred, perfectly raised pup. Kerns, Nancy Editorial Oct 1, 2012 610
Work hard, play later: interaction is key to getting pup comfortable with strangers. McGonigle, John Essay Sep 29, 2012 1252
Fear not, wee one: prevention and modification of fear-related behaviors in puppies. Miller, Pat Jun 1, 2012 1189
Building blocks: problems are always easier to prevent than cure. Carty, Dave May 12, 2012 1452
Brit gets English spaniels: Mike Gilpin tempers strictness with variety and fun. McGonigle, John May 12, 2012 1063
Going to the dogs. Morin, Mike Column May 4, 2012 521
Puppy benchmarks: these critical periods are key to your pup's development. Bailey, Ed Mar 1, 2012 1252
Puppies. Mar 1, 2012 1347
Timing dilemma: bringing a pup home depends on availability, preference or, occasionally, common sense. Arnette, Joe Mar 1, 2012 796
Shark attack? No punching the shark (er, puppy) on the nose. Here are five things to do when your pup bites. Miller, Pat Mar 1, 2012 794
Sam, the bully pup: a success story. Mar 1, 2012 312
Ask a girl. Mar 1, 2012 949
Puppy preschool: the first six months are an ideal time to mold behavior. Carty, Dave Mar 1, 2011 1478
Be repetitive, fair & consistent: these three qualities are the key to instilling good habits. McGonigle, John Mar 1, 2011 1290
How contagious is parvo? Also, can you hunt a one-eyed pointer? Holcomb, Tom Mar 1, 2011 1478
When puppies are aggressive: what's the ideal age to take a pup from the litter? Bailey, Ed Mar 1, 2011 1211
Which one? Spencer, James B. Mar 1, 2011 2677
After you get 'Em home: a new puppy is a huge responsibility, and it's not short term. West, Bob Mar 1, 2011 1202
Puppyhood. Wait, Paul Editorial Oct 1, 2010 537
Big retrieves for big birds: too many early retrieves can bore pup. McGonigle, John Sep 21, 2010 1440
Water lessons: don't toss your puppy in to sink or swim. Spencer, James B. Jun 1, 2010 1482
Introducing pups to water; it's the perfect warm weather training exercise. West, Bob May 15, 2010 1037
Tweeners; the first two years of a puppy's life are critical to its development as a bird dog. Carty, Dave Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2010 1474
Naming that new puppy: Ah, spring! Puppy acquisition season! Puppy bonding season! But somewhere between acquiring a puppy and bonding with him is the puppy-naming process. Spencer, James B. Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2010 1457
Take your time and do it right: repetition and moderation are key. McGonigle, John Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2010 1381
Pup-picking pointers; tips on choosing your next gunning partner. Duffey, Dave Mar 1, 2010 2186
Starting the new puppy out right; a well-planned immunization, feeding and training regimen is critical. Holcomb, Tom Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2010 1315
Our annual photo album of some of your favorites. Lamb, Jamie Mar 1, 2010 995
A pup at any age; occasionally, dogs come along that recognize the perks of puppyhood--and devote their lives to being a professional youngster. Arnette, Joe Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2010 820
Double trouble: why experts warn against adopting two puppies at the same time--and what you can do for your dogs if you did not heed the warning. Miller, Pat Jan 1, 2010 3249
Tennis ball tug. Mahoney, Janie Brief article Nov 1, 2009 102
No regrets: fostering is hard, but worth every minute. Kerns, Nancy Jul 1, 2009 735
Ask a girl. Blair; Madeline; Ava; Brianna; Eleanor; Sarah; Catherine; Amy; Rhiannon; Mia Jul 1, 2009 708
Socialize your puppy! Expose him to as many things as possible--safely and at his comfort level. And be sure to protect him against disease. Apr 1, 2009 364
Dog tale: local guards save newborn puppies. Norland, Richard; Hartnett, Mary Apr 1, 2009 401
He's a natural. Hamre, Ryan Mar 1, 2009 467
Introducing: your puppy to cover: when pup accepts who's boss, it's time. Spencer, James B. Mar 1, 2009 1471
Separating littermates: plus, more on supplements and EIC. Holcomb, Tom Mar 1, 2009 1635
What not to do with pup: remember, consistency is the key to success. McGonigle, John Mar 1, 2009 1038
Destructive chewing: plus, bolting and chronic barking. Bailey, Ed Mar 1, 2009 1954
Puppies: our annual photo album of some of your favorites. Lamb, Jamie Mar 1, 2009 987
Pro tips: the latest training techniques for poiting breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Mar 1, 2009 1980
The right choice: how certain pups come to you usually doesn't matter; what counts are the results. Arnette, Joe Mar 1, 2009 823
Get off to a great start!: The challenge of meeting your young dog's nutritional needs must be met from the start. here 's some help. Ewing, Tom Apr 1, 2008 1281
Dealing with a puppy when you are no longer one yourself: a frisky, crazy puppy proves you can teach an old owner new tricks. Gerstenzang, Peter Jan 1, 2008 1171
Shoot for early admission: get your pup into the best puppygarten, as early as possible. Miller, Pat Sep 1, 2007 3289
Puppy, no! looking for a little dog? Get educated before you choose. Spadafori, Gina May 1, 2007 1165
Caring for your new puppy: the first six months are an especially important time for his health. Here's why. Tomb, Erin Dec 1, 2006 1057
Spare us the puppy love. Editorial Sep 12, 2006 375
Why a social dog is a happy dog: expose your puppy to as many experiences as possible to make him a better companion. Here's why. Sep 1, 2006 795
Feeding a smarter puppy? A certain fatty acid may be able to help your puppy learn faster. Walker, Joan Hustace Jan 1, 2006 1158
Volunteer brings puppies and smiles to inmates. Buisch, Michele D. Jun 1, 2004 833
Pound puppies: the rehabilitative uses of dogs in correctional facilities. Harkrader, Todd; Burke, Tod W.; Owen, Stephen S. Apr 1, 2004 3930
They call it puppy love: this award-winning CCRC set out to sponsor a guide dog--and ended up sponsoring four. Hutlock, Todd Dec 1, 2003 917
Puppies: behavior. Feb 7, 2003 113
Puppy tests flunk long-term check-ups. S.M. Brief Article Aug 26, 2000 162
HOOCH THE WONDER POOCH. Short Story Jul 1, 2000 116
Lines That RHYME. Overstreet, Luke; Wood, Ian; Davis, Andi Poem Oct 1, 1999 151
Why cockatoos are left-footed: and other new explanations for some of the animal kingdom's more puzzling behaviors. Stewart, Doug Oct 1, 1996 2219
Animal rabies - South Dakota, 1995. Mar 1, 1996 1125
Bubble pup. Sep 1, 1994 83
Mysterious illness strikes their puppies; the cause: contaminated bedding. Baughan, Loretta Jan 1, 1993 758
Avoiding bad-dog syndrome. Whiteley, H. Ellen column Nov 1, 1986 1291
Puppies: the pick of the litter. White, H. Ellen Apr 1, 1984 989
She only cost two-fifty! Stoddard, Maynard Good Jan 1, 1984 1428

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