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Puppet at workplace.

Employees sometimes are in a position where they feel they are being dominated and controlled negatively by another person in a workplace. It is important for employees to realise that they can choose and decide not to allow themselves to be controlled and dominated by someone, and actually must learn how to express what they feel without compromising respect and good relations with workmates or superiors. As Human Resource practitioners, let us not allow this type of culture to take place, to let the employees be dominated and influenced by external entities which include business objectives and people, or, we will lose the 'high performance organisation' culture. Each moment employees allow another person's remote control to work successfully or allow objectives to control and dominate their emotional state, they are weaken internally and become like a puppet in the other person's hands. A puppet is never powerful to achieve the organisation's business objectives because it does not act on its own but is controlled by someone else. We need to prevent this to happen, if we want to promote healthy workplace environment.

Ali Al-Aradi

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Publication:Qatar Tribune (Doha, Qatar)
Date:Apr 23, 2015
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