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Pupil killed herself after friends left.

Byline: Emma Pinch

A student described by her school as one of the brightest girls of her generation hanged herself with her dressing gown belt after her brother and best friend left for university.

Catriona Sian Myres, aged 17, was found hanging in a shower room at her family home in Oswestry, Shropshire, by her distraught mother, an inquest heard.

Catriona - the only daughter of Paul and Jane Myres, both doctors - had suffered nearly two years of depression and had been prescribed anti-depressants, the hearing at Oswestry Magistrates' Court was told.

She was described by officials from Rhyn Park School in Shropshire as 'one of the brightest girls of her generation'.

Psychologist Doctor Alison Corfield said Catriona had been referred to her by a GP in December 2001 because of concerns about her state of mind.

She told the inquest Catriona had tried to take her own life before but had changed her mind.

'Catriona said that she felt that life wasn't worth living and she had told me that she had once tied a rope around her neck but had come to and backed off from doing it,' she said.

'She said she felt isolated and unable to talk to those around her.'

Dr Corfield said Catriona had talked about feeling overwhelmed at the loss of her friend Gemma who went to university and she also missed her elder brother who was away at university too.

She said the teenager had visited her on three occasions but had cancelled five appointments and the case was closed in August last year. She added that Catriona had been prescribed anti-depressants.

Gemma Rheade, aged 19, told the coroner she had been best friends with Catriona since childhood.

Gemma, who was two years older than her friend, said:' In all the time I knew her she never said she was depressed.'

The court heard how Catriona confided in her driving instructor, Karen Hadlington. She

began teaching Catriona in November last year after she had taught her brother.

'Catriona was very different to how Duncan had described her she was very quiet and withdrawn,' said Mrs Hadlington.

She told the court the pair had been very close and Catriona had told her she was taking anti-depressants. She said the act of keeping her depression from her parents was the only thing that got her out of bed every day.

She told the coroner that Catriona would often text her when she was feeling low.

'The week before she died she sent a text saying she was very low. I arranged to meet her for a coffee.'

But when Catriona failed to turn up for the meeting, Mrs Hadlington called her father who told her his daughter had killed herself.

Recording a verdict of suicide, the Midland and North coroner John Ellery said: 'It does seem clear that Catriona had a history of depression.

'It seems she felt isolated when her brother and best friend went away to university.'

After the hearing, a statement read by the Myres' family friend Andrew McFarlane said: 'The family and friends of Catriona are still profoundly upset by her loss.

'They are very grateful for the support that Catriona received from each person she turned to over the last two years.'


Catriona Sian Myres: Overwhelmed at the loss of her friend Gemma who went to university Dr Alison Corfield
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Oct 2, 2003
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