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Punjab Judo Association splits in three factions.

LAHORE -- Punjab Judo Association has split into three factions, each claiming itself as the genuine body and Punjab Olympic Association giving a free hand to all to conduct their elections. Three weeks ago a group headed by a former Secretary, Pakistan Judo Federation, Naveed Mahmood, who is serving a five years ban, conducted the elections of PJA and got himself (Mahmood) elected as the President of the body.

Few years ago Mahmood was thrown out of PJF through a non confidence move against him for his illegal and unconstitutional acts and a five years ban was imposed on him.

Interestingly, few days ago, another group, held the elections of the PJA and Asif Iqbal Khan and Maqsood Ahmed were elected President and Secretary of the body. Punjab Olympic Association deputed Khawar Shah to attend the elections as its observer.

" We cannot stop any faction from conducting the elections of the body rather we monitor such elections by sending our representative ",said Idris Haider Khawaja, POAB, while talking to reporter here on Monday.

When his attention was drawn that another group of PJA, led by Tariq Sheikh has announced their elections on April 13 ,he said, they are free to hold the elections and POAB will also send its representative to monitor these elections as well.

In the given circumstances, it seems that POAB is promoting parallelism by encouraging the formation of bogus bodies by giving them a free hand to hold their meetings and to elect office bearers.

" POAB only recognises the body led by Tariq Sheikh because it is affiliated with us and their affiliation will expire this month (end of April) but at the moment it is the only genuine body of judo in Punjab ",he added.

The creations of three provincial judo associations has put a question mark on the future of the game and players are confused regarding their participation in the respective events announced by these groups.

" Yes, now there are three judo bodies in the province but we are looking into the matter to find a way to settle this issue by assembling all the factions at one platform ",said Idris Haider Khawaja.

When asked why POAB did not play its due role to stop the formation of these bodies, he said, their job is to encourage the sports and not to take measures to halt the working of the sports bodies.

Officials and players related to judo in Punjab have expressed their fears that three bodies working for their own vested interests will ruin the game and POAB should address this issue on priority rather giving them a free hand to form bogus bodies.
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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Apr 10, 2012
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