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Punjab Badminton Championship gets underway.

LAHORE -- Dozens of matches were decided in different events on the opening day of Punjab Badminton Championship here on Monday at Nishtar Park Sports Complex Gymnasium hall.

President Punjab Badminton Association (PBA), Majid Ali Chaudhry inaugurated the event, being participated by nearly 200 male and female players from different parts of the province.

Speaking on the occasion, Majid highlighted the PBA's efforts for overall development of the game. He said that National Badminton Championship would be held here on January 25-31.

The results of Mondays' matches: Men Singles Qualifying Round: Asad Ahmad Khan (RYK) beat Ali Bajwa (Vehari) by 21-14.

Shayan Tanveer (Jhelum) beat Ali Rana (Lhr) by 21-11, Mohammad Bilal (Kasur) beat Haris Fareed (Sahiwal) by 21-13, Ahmad Talal (Kasur) beat Rohail (Lahore) by 21-19 , Ahmad Bin Tariq (Lhr) beat Shahwaz Rehman (Attock) by 21-11.

Shahbaz Gul (Bhakkar) beat Ihsan Ullah (Rwl) by 21-12 , Usman Khatak (Lhr) beat Nasir (Rajanpur) by 21-14, Umair Maqbool (Chiniot) beat Usman Khattak (Lhr) by 21-11, Abrar Bari (Rwl) beat Fawad Othi (SGD) by 21-19.

Zohaib Arshad (Layyah) beat Waqas (Rwl) by 21-9, Shahbaz Gul (Bhakkar) beat Usama Afzal (Lhr) by 21-11, Husnain Khurram (Lhr) beat M Hamza Sharif (FSD) by 21-10, Umair Maqbool (Chiniot) beat Abdur Rehman (Kasur) by 21-16, Hassan (FCCU) beat Obaid (Jhelum) by 21-19.

Ihsanullah (Rwl) beat Tehseen (Jhelum) by 21-15.

Ali Haider (Lhr) beat Usman Syed (Sheikhpura) by 21-12, Sohaib (Gujranwala) beat Danyal (FCCU) by 21-17, Abrar Bari (Rwl) beat Shahryar (FSD) by 21-14, Usman (FSD) beat Faraz Ahmad (Lhr) by 21-10, Shahzaib (FSD) beat Ahmad Fareed (Sahiwal) by 21-16, Ahmad Bin Tariq (Lhr) beat Ibrahim Tahir (FSD) by 21-11.

Shahryar (FSD) beat Hassan (FCCU) BY 21-13, Muhammad Arfan (Sahiwal) beat Mohsin Ali (Attock) by 21-13.

Zohaib Arshad (Layyah) beat Sohaib Akhtar (Gujranwala) by 21-10, Ali Haider (Lhr) beat Hasnain Khuram (Lhr) by 21-9, Mohammad Adnan (Muzaffargarh) beat Abdul Malik (FSD) by 21-16, Mohammad Bilal (Kasur) beat Ashir (FSD) by 21-13, Farrukh Jamil (Sheikhupura) beat Faizan (Lhr) by 21-10, Mohammad Irfan (Sahiwal) beat Faizan Asim (Lhr) by 21-11.

Zohaib Arshad (Layyah) beat Sumair (FSD) by 21-8, Ahmad Zia (FSD) beat Khawaja Zikrya (UMT) by 21-17.

Shahzaib (FSD) beat Asad Ahmad (RYK) by 21-14, Shahzaib Liaqat (FSD) beat Danyal Zahid (UMT) by 22-20, Nadeem Mughal (Lhr) beat Mohammad Ahmed (Lhr) by 21-16.

Shahryar (FSD) beat Abrar Bari (Rwl) by 21-14, Ali Haider (Lhr) beat Shahzeb Liaqat (Fsd) by 21-19, Usman Ali (Fsd) beat Ahmad Talat (Kasur) by 26-24, Ahmad Zia (FSD) beat M Muawia (TTS) by 21-11.

Mohammad Bilal (Kasur) beat Umair Maqbool (Chiniot) by 21-15, Mohammad Irfan (Sahiwal) beat Ahmad Bin Tariq (Lhr) by 21-7.

Shahzaib (FSD) beat Nadeem Mughal (Lhr) by 21-18, Shahbaz (Bhakar) beat Adnan (Muzaffargarh) by 21-14, Ahmad Zia (FSD) beat Usman Ali (FSD) by 21-19.

Men Singles 1st Round

Shahzad Taimur (HZD) beat Ali Haider (Lhr) by 21-12, 21-16

Burhan Yaseen (Lhr) beat Akif Badar (FSD) by 21-19, 21-12, Mohammad Irfan (Sahiwal) beat Hafiz Wasif (Lhr) by 21-12, 21-19, Naeem Ashraf (Mandi Bahaud Din) beat Usama Naveed (Lhr) by 21-13, 16-21, 21-19, Abdullah Asim (Lhr) beat Muneeb Ur Rehman (Chiniot) by 21-8, 21-15.

Women Singles Qualification Round

Umme Hani (Jhelum) beat Rija Naseem (Lhr) by 21-6.

Molina (Lhr) beat Hamna Sardar (Unique Lhr) by 21-19.
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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Jan 15, 2019
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