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Punishment for free speech or criminal "Cobweb"?

The Court sentenced A1 TV owner Velija Ramkovski to 13 years in prison and afterwards dilemmas appeared whether it is matter of a punishment for crime or free speech. Analysts are convinced that the goal of the court process was to discipline the media.

"This process with the delivery of such a draconic measure increases the pressure on media and as a consequence this will cause auto-censorship among journalists," assesses Professor Selajdin Salihu. Analyst Edmond Ademi also has his own dilemmas regarding the court process "Cobweb."

"Without going into whether there are elements for economic crime, the sentence for process "Cobweb" contains vagueness, political influences and a way to close the mouths of the non-followers. The fact that the entire group has been sentenced to 109 years in prison, while a murderer is sentenced to 10 or 14 years in prison shows how much this country is just," said Ademi.
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Author:Hajdari, Albina
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Mar 15, 2012
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