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Punishing the elderly, again.

LISTENING to Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor's speech at the Labour party conference made my blood boil, he talked of the citizens of the UK who during the Second World War made many sacrifices and the very same people after the Second World War continued with severe austerity measures as the government rebuilt the UK economy. They went without and did not complain they did what was right for the country, first of all the people during the Second World war and after did the right thing because they had fought for something that was a just cause.

They went without as we handed over to the people of Germany billions of pounds to feed and also rebuild their economy, monies that were never repaid by the way, these people who endured so much are now well into their 80s, and I wonder if he is preparing them to share the burden again as we rebuild our own economy.

Will he go down the same route as the coalition that will see the elderly penalised with a freeze on benefits/pensions and then raised at a lower level? And the removal of the universal benefits, such as winter fuel allowance, bus pass, TV licence? He did mention social care, but not how or if he would fund it. I am sure he will take from the elderly to fund the care for the elderly. Why should the elderly be asked to go without again for a problem that was not their making.

May I remind him of what his former leader Tony Blair said in 1997: "The elderly should not have to sell their home to pay for their care in their old age, and what of the people who fought to keep this country free they should not have to pay for their care."

GEORGE HERSCHEL, Ashington Mews, Northumberland.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 8, 2012
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