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Pumped with cocaine.. and trained to kill; INNOCENT'S MURDERER OUT TO IMPRESS.


CRAZED assassin Barry Doyle was locked up and pumped with cocaine by his gangland masters before he murdered Shane Geoghegan.

The 26-year-old was taken in by the Dundon-McCarthy mob who trained him "to kill and keep his mouth shut".

The young thug spent days locked in a house owned by the gang as he was fed drugs and taught how to load and fire his gun. Then he was let loose to mistakenly shoot the innocent rugby player.

A source told the Irish Daily Mirror: "The gang pumped him full of cocaine and told him he was great.

"They schooled him in how to be a hitman.

"They taught him all he needed to know about carrying out a cold-blooded murder and it is no surprise there was no forensic evidence left at the scene or elsewhere."

Doyle's intensive gun training meant by the time he came to kill Geoghegan he was able to overcome his weapon jamming - a technical error that would cause difficulty for even the most They talented shooter.

He told gardai in interviews: "It jammed... I tried to shoot. It didn't click. I pulled it back."

The young thug carried out the botched hit as part of a sickening initiation into the gang and was not paid.

The intended target was Johnny McNamara - a long-time enemy of the Dundons - who lived four doors up the street from Shane and had a similar build.

The source revealed: "No money would have exchanged hands and Doyle would have carried out the killing to try and impress senior gangsters."

Dubliner Doyle had fled the capital after his hitman brother Paddy, 28, was blasted to death in Spain in February 2008.

He ended up living with the notorious Dundon brothers at their Hyde Road home - and it was there he was prepped to become a killer.

A source said: "Doyle felt like his life was in danger in Dublin after his brother's death so he moved to Limerick to live with the Dundons.

"They looked after him and made sure he wasn't found wanting. "The links between 'Fat' Freddie's gang and the ruthless Dundon-McCarthy group had existed for some time and the gang were happy to welcome Barry Doyle into their inner circle."

Barry Doyle is now facing life behind bars after a jury yesterday found him guilty of the heinous murder.

But we can exclusively reveal that but for a successful bail appeal he would have been in prison at the time of the hit.

Doyle was sentenced to four months in jail in October 2008 after he was nabbed by police in Limerick for driving with no insurance.

However, a judge released him after he applied to appeal the sentence.

Just a few weeks later Doyle carried out one of the most horrifying murders in the history of the State.

During the trial April Collins, the former fiancee of mobster Ger Dundon, gave explosive evidence of how the hit was planned.

She said John Dundon explained to Barry Doyle what John McNamara looked like.

In chilling evidence, she revealed how the gang boss told Barry Doyle: "The gun is there. You kill him." She also revealed details of a conversation between Ger Dundon, John Dundon and Barry Doyle the night before the murder.

She said: "John Dundon was saying he'd everything sussed out about John McNamara and that it was time to make the move."

The court heard John Dundon said, "I've the gun and car ready and everything ready to go". Ms Collins later revealed how John Dundon flew into an angry rage when he found out that Doyle had killed the wrong man.

She said Ger Dundon received a phone call in the hours after the shooting and she drove him to the back of a restaurant on the Dublin Road.

She added: "We met John Dundon and Barry Doyle. John was saying John McNamara was dead." Ms Collins said John Dundon then spoke to someone on the phone, adding: "He asked Barry Doyle to describe the man he killed and Barry described him.

"He said he was big, the way John described him."

She added Doyle then told Dundon, "It was him. I'm sure it was him".

The court heard John Dundon was "very angry and violent" at that stage.

Evidence from Doyle's ex-girlfriend Victoria Gunnery also proved crucial in convicting him.

She revealed how he sent her a text message to say he was turning off his phone because he had to go do something.

When he turned it back on at 1.30am she asked him why he'd had it off.

Ms Gunnery told the killer's trial: "He said there was madness going on down in Limerick.

"He said to read the teletext in the morning." She said she did this, saw that a man had been murdered in the city and texted him back.

Ms Gunnery said: "I called him a scumbag. He texted back, 'Did you read the teletext?'" The court heard Doyle then went away for a while and next rang his ex-girlfriend from Amsterdam.

She testified: "He asked what the papers were saying about the murder.

"I said, 'They know it's you because it's a very, very close associate of Patrick Doyle' [his deceased brother]."

Ms Gunnery said he replied: "They have no proof."

She said that when he returned before the New Year, she asked him how he was going to live with himself 'for doing that to an innocent fella'.

She said he replied that "if it wasn't the wrong fella, there wouldn't be so much hype" and told her to stop asking him about it.

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From left, Ger Dundon and John Dundon brought the city of Limerick to its knees THUGSJ Barry Doyle and fellow gang member Nathan Killeen BROTHERS IN ARMS Barry Doyle,right, became a callous killer like his brother Paddy SCENEn Dooradoyle in Limerick, after the 2008 murder
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Date:Feb 16, 2012
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