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Pump it up!

Dear Editor,

Here are a few tips we've come up with at the U.S. Army Chemical School to keep the 125-gpm pump pumped for pumping water:

* The item that breaks most often on the pump is its pull handle. Operators yank on the handle (as they must to start it) and the cord snaps off. Before you leave the motor pool, slowly pull the handle all the way out and check the cord for fraying. If the cord's worn out, get it replaced before you go to the field.

* The fuel shutoff valve and throttle also break if you're not careful. Be gentle when pushing in the shutoff valve. If you jam it, the valve snaps off.

When you release the throttle at the end of operations, don't let it snap back. That eventually causes the wing nut bolt for the throttle to break and then the throttle won't stay in one position. Guide the throttle back into place.

* Short soldiers may have trouble starting the pump because they have difficulty pulling the handle all the way back. It's easier if you put your left foot on the top bar of the frame, grasp the handle with both hands, and then use your body and leg to push off hard as you pull back the handle.

SSG Brian Francis U.S. Army Chemical School Ft Leonard Wood, MO

Editor's note: Your suggestions will help decon units pump up, Sergeant. Thanks.


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